Tampa Bay Buccaneers now eliminated in the 2022 NFL Playoffs; Will Tom Brady return next season?

Tom Brady's Future

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have now lost their championship hopes this season after a blowout loss in a wildcard match against the Dallas Cowboys (31-14). The Bucs are eliminated in playoff contention but what’s more intriguing with the team is what the future lies for the Greatest of All-Time, Tom Brady.

The biggest question thus far is what Brady will do after the heartbreaking defeat. Right now, there are simply three options the 45-year-old can do – Retire (which he already did before the season began but changed his mind a month later and returned to the Bucs); Re-sign with the Buccaneers for one last ride; Or, take his talents to another team next season. Brady going to another organization isn’t impossible since he is now a free agent. With all of that being said, will Tom Brady return to NFL next season or will he be finally calling it a career?

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Retirement is most probably not what’s on Tom Brady’s mind

Brady has repeatedly said in the past that he wants to play until he is 45. The only thing that kept him from going last year was because of his marriage, which unfortunately turned into an expensive divorce. Although he will be 46 this August, he is still reportedly open to playing the sport he loves.

Tom Brady Un-retiring
Photo Courtesy of Tom Brady (via Twitter)

According to NFL Network, Tom Brady “feels good enough to keep playing” which means there’s a great chance he’ll be coming back for his 24th season, whether it be with the Bucs or another club.

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The Bucs still want Brady, and so do these other teams

His current team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are still pushing to retain Brady on their roster. Despite the loss, the team is still optimistic about another Super Bowl run next year. However, the Bucs aren’t the only team interested in the greatest quarterback in history.

Teams like Tennessee Titans, Las Vegas Raiders, San Francisco 39ers, and Miami Dolphins have all emerged as favorites to land Brady in the offseason. Tom Terrific is aging but these teams still want to take a chance on him. Brady just made $15 Million with the Bucs this season although his level of play has declined significantly. At his age, he averaged 9.6 yards per completion (which is the worst in his career) and he failed to win for Tampa.

Overall, Brady has not yet revealed what’s next in his career. But, as the ratings are going, he could be returning for year 24.

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