Target has been quiet regarding the PS5 sales for some time now. While other retailers like Walmart and Antonline have done multiple drops so far, we haven’t seen much activity with Target. This is bound to change very soon.

UPDATE #2: This comes from a verified Target employee.

It is 100% confirmed that a lot of stores will be receiving at least 10-12 PS5 units each on 12/4 – 12/5. For today’s 6 AM ET drop, not every store had stock, and hence, many people missed out. Another online drop is bound to happen as more and more stores start receiving stock.

Target stores should be removing their PS4 stock from the shelves on December 6. Since the PS5 units will have labels by December 6, switched from the PS4, we can expect another online-only drop anytime, before or after December 6.


Target Tip #1 – Having a Target Red Card increases your chances at checking out faster due to it being internally processed within Target and not by a third-party provider.

Target Tip #2 – Spamming checkout actually removes the PS5 from your cart.


If you’re following the scene on Twitter ( follow us @spieltimes), you know that a large number of stores are getting restocked. Many have around 10-20 PS5 units with them. But when are they releasing this for sale?

Confirmed Info

I talked to around ten Target employees and a majority of them, spread out across the country, confirmed the following info. They’ve received new stock for the PS5 and they have a “Set Date” for December 6.

Now, what’s a set date?

A set date is basically when a particular store is supposed to arrange the items on the shelves, ready to be sold. Generally, when items are set on the floor, people can start walking in and buying them. In the case of the PS5, however, things have been functioning differently.

From what my sources have said, their supervisors have strictly restricted them not to do walk-ins. If any store is found out doing so, the corporate would be taking strict actions against them, which includes the firing of employees.

A lot of stores have their set date for December 6th. The set date before this was November 29th. A lot of stores, however, didn’t receive stock for the same. This time around, units have reached a lot of the stores and they’re being prepared.

Unconfirmed Info

A Target employee has claimed that the corporate is thinking of doing walk-ins for the PS5. The reasons being –

  • Bots (Makes no sense since Target has in-store pickup policy for the PS5s)
  • Lots of people walking-in to ask about the PS5s

This is unconfirmed and the information is just from one source. So we can’t confirm it. The source said the corporate will finalize a decision by Friday, 12/04.

For now, we know Target orders are online-only, for in-store pickup.


Since items should be generally ready for sale on Set Date, I think there’s no harm in checking the Target websites on December 6. Keep in mind, if they start selling it online, it could happen at any random time, so stay alert.

The sale should be mostly online-only. If we have any other information on walk-ins, we’ll let you know.


Keep checking Target’s website throughout the week and make sure to check it at least a couple of times on December 6th.

I believe not every Target store will have stock, so call your nearest Target stores and stay updated.

Once I have more information, I’ll let you know on Twitter, @spieltimes. For more content on the PS5, stay with us, here at Spiel Times.

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