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Target stores are stocking the PS5 once again. We’re almost at the end of 2020 and it could be the last Target drop, if not the last PS5 drop as a whole.

According to numerous sources, many Target stores are restocking the PlayStation 5 (PS5) consoles. Some stores are receiving around 10-15 units while some are receiving none. Many stores are getting their stock on Sunday, December 27.

BIG UPDATE (Tuesday, December 29): Target did drop and we covered it both on our livestream and on our Twitter. Follow us for more future drops and updates!

UPDATE (Monday, December 28; 8 AM ET): Target didn’t drop. Now, we’ll be scouting for Tuesday, December 29; 3 AM – 7 AM ET.

We’ve got multiple restock reports from the Midwest region so far. If we get more information regarding other regions, we’ll inform you on our Twitter account. Someone of higher designation has given us a timeframe of December 27-29, i.e., from Sunday till Tuesday. (Personally, I’m looking out for Monday and Tuesday)

Some stores on the West Coast have units on-hand as well. We’re also hearing reports from the South Central and South-Eastern regions. These include Texas and North Carolina. We aren’t revealing the exact stores to protect the identities of our sources.

Even Pennsylvania Target store(s) have some stock at the time of writing this article. We’re updating the list of locations with the PS5 in stock on our Twitter, thanks to YTNextGenGaming.

How To Buy The PS5 from Target

Target sells the PS5 online-only. You’ll have to purchase the console online and visit the store for a pick-up or a drive-up. There are no walk-ins whatsoever.

The usual time when Target drops is between 3 AM – 7 AM ET. Be extra ready during 5 AM – 7 AM ET as Target has dropped the PS5 multiple times during these two hours.

What are the fastest ways to checkout on Target?

The fastest ways are –

  1. Stay logged in on both the Target website on your computer and on the Target app on your phone.
  2. Based on our observations, most people who’ve secured the PS5 from Target have had success through the Target app on their phones. So, using the app is a must.
  3. If you have a Target RedCard, your checkout gets even faster.
  4. Keep refreshing the Target website and app every 5 minutes. If you don’t want to do so and just wanted to be notified when they drop, follow us on Twitter as we’ll tweet out immediately when there’s a drop.
  5. Make sure you inform your bank/credit card company that you’ll be making a big purchase. Some people have faced order cancelations due to fraud/suspicious activities.
  6. Join our Discord server. We have separate channels for geolocations. This will help you get notified when a Target store in your particular area/region has PS5 units in stock.

If we have any more updates regarding Target, we’ll update this article and post a tweet.

Make sure you subscribe to our push-notifications and never miss an update from the world of video games. Until next time, Stay Safe, Respect All Lives, and Happy Gaming!


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