Taylor Swift’s 1989 Era: Why is Travis Kelce Romance and Sophie Turner Friendship A Great PR Move?

Taylor Swift's 1989 Era: Travis Kelce Romance and Sophie Turner Friendship PR Move?

Taylor Swift is undoubtedly the queen of Pop this year with the run of her massively successful The Eras Tour and even more significant breaking of charts with the re-release of her albums, which will continue with the upcoming Taylor Swift’s 1989.

During this journey, the 33-year-old superstar is also reviving her personal eras, providing a view into just how much she has grown over the years. So, how does her alleged romance with Travis Kelce and the publication of her dear friendship with Sophie Tuner fall into these two parallels? Let’s explore.

Is Taylor Swift’s alleged romance with Travis Kelce a likely PR move?

The recent alleged Cupid game began with Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour concert at the Arrowhead Stadium. As the Super Bowl winner, Travis Kelce arrived wearing the 1989 bedroom painting set.

  • In his podcast New Heights, the NFL star also shared that he wanted to befriend Swift by giving her a bracelet with his contact number. However, to the dismay of Cupid, he couldn’t share it with the star.
  • After this initial confession, Kelce appeared on The Pat McAfee Show, where he shared that he successfully invited the Style singer to his upcoming game. As we already know, the pop icon attended the event and was seen sitting with his mother, Donna.
  • Ever since, Kelce has shared that Swift is his lucky charm, adding fuel to the rumors of their alleged romantic passion. However, is it all a PR move?

While we cannot bring the notes from the office of Taylor Swift‘s PR agency to check her plans for promoting her fifth re-recorded album, 1989 (Taylor’s Version), we can assume that it includes reviving her 2014 aesthetic when the album was originally released.

  • It is a reasonable PR strategy to celebrate the girl’s girl rom-com side of the singer, which was also a feature of her album named after her birth year. After all, the re-recording and releasing her albums are a perfect opportunity to capture all the aspects of Taylor Swift that inspired her. One of which is her pursuit of romance.

Taylor’s Friendship with Sophie Turner

The media coverage of Taylor Swift opening the gates of her spare NYC home to Sophie Turner while the latter sort out her divorce from Joe Jonas. And the coverage of her dinner date with her friends Blake Lively, Brittany Mahomes, and Sophie Turner resurfaces her great friendships.

Recently, Turner also uploaded an image on Instagram capturing her hand wearing Taylor Swift’s Fearless bracelet. Although the image is no longer available on the profile, their great bond has warmed the hearts of their fans.

Is all Taylor Swift’s actions a PR strategy for the 1989 era?

The recent news coverage of Taylor Swift’s alleged romance and heartwarming friendship is a clever PR move, as the singer is famous for finding inspiration from her experiences. Moreover, what could be better than to bring her sweet side in public to promote and indulge in the upcoming 1989 (TV)?

  • However, it is still not fair to conclude that all the actions that the singer takes in public are for promotional purposes. One can’t erase the chance of a genuine connection amid the rumors of an alleged romance with Travis Kelce or brush the warm friendship with Sophie Turner as a stunt.
  • The credit for the actions goes solely to the Enchanted singer, but the timely coverage of that side of the singer seems like a powerful and wise PR move. So, future brand managers and publicists take notes.

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