Team Vitality To Invest €14 Million In Indian Esport Teams And Academies

After Fnatic made their entry into the Indian eSports scene a few weeks ago after acquiring Team XSpark, another team is making their way to India. Rewired.GG will be investing €14 Million into Team Vitality for their expansion across India.

In a press release, tweeted by Rishi Alwani from Mako Reactor, Rewired.GG hint at their motive to acquire “new players and launch a network of esports academies”. Amit Jain, Principal at Rewired.GG mentions that esports is the “fastest-growing industries today, especially in India”, and this paves the way for Vitality to be one of the “world’s first billion-dollar eSports team.”

It’ll be interesting to see how things pan out for Team Vitality, considering they are investing too good an amount into the scene. On top of that, which games they will be investing in still remains ambiguous. While things are looking good for Indian eSports, it still remains to be seen what will be the business model these international eSports organizations incorporate for India, and whether it makes a significant impact on the scene.

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