It was just earlier today that NFT for Worms was just unveiled by Team17 and four studios have already cut ties with the publisher and pledged not to use this technology.

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Many developers are beginning to employ the controversial NFT technology, which has been causing criticism for some months now.  In the wake of Team 17’s announcement of “ecological NFTs” for Worms, four developers who had their games published by the company have opted to separate themselves from all of this.

Navegante (Greak: Memories of Azur)

Other developers who recently spoke were Navegante, creators of the award-winning adventure game Greak: Memories of Azur. NFTs aren’t something the studio will use right now or in the future; they focused their statement on that issue. Moreover, they emphasize a point that is likely to become clear to all gamers: the need to define one’s position with respect to NFT.


Aggro Crab Games, well known for the roguelike dungeon crawler Going Under, is perhaps the most outspoken. Unless Team17’s NFT project is out of the picture, Aggro Crab Games stated that they will no longer work with the publisher. The studio also didn’t hold back in criticizing NFTs.

SMG (Moving Out)

A firm word was also heard from SMG, the studio behind the popular party game Movement Out and its moving simulation counterpart. SMG is devoted to opposing the use of NFTs in video games because they are concerned about the impact this technology may have on both the industry and the games themselves.

Ghost Town Games (Overcooked)

Ghost Town Games, best known for its Overcooked series of titles, has also assured its audience that none of its games would include NFTs. On Twitter, the studio has made this pledge, but it also requests gamers to quit attacking staff who aren’t to blame for the situation.

Team17 published games made by all of these studios. It’s evident that their announcements are responses to the introduction of NFT Worms. Additionally, they were to address the outpouring of player outrage, harassment, and general apprehension about the future of their favorite games.

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