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If you want to place in the top 4, one of the most reliable team comps is 7 Innovator. Reaching seven allows you to get a strong frontline dragon that can soak damage while your backline carries handle the rest. Success on this team also relies heavily on getting an Innovator emblem, so you reach 7. It’s a team that can be very strong against unprepared comps who don’t expect you to hit that power spike.


  • A strong early-game team
  • No 5-cost champions required
  • Consistent in hitting top 4


  • Reliant on Innovator emblem
  • Innovators do not hit the top spot often

Team Composition

Your goal with Innovators is to hit a winning streak early and maintain it before finding more stability in the midgame. By level 7, you should have Seraphine and at least five innovators. Seraphine will act as the Carry for the team, and equipping here with a core Spear of Shojin and another AP item is crucial. Besides Seraphine, you’ll want to have an Orianna as a secondary carry and support.

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By level 8, you’ll need a Jayce at the frontline to tank damage alongside your dragon. Build Jayce with tank items such as Warmogs or Bramble vest to keep him in the game.

For augments, you’ll want an Innovator heart or soul as soon as possible. An alternative is to get tome of traits and play one round as innovators before activating it to increase your chances.

Ideal composition:

  • Jayce (front line)
  • Seraphine (corner backline)
  • Orianna (Beside Seraphine)
  • Janna
  • Singed
  • Heimerdinger
  • Zilean
  • Ezreal

Alternate Win Conditions

  • If you’re struggling to find items for your carries or completing innovator, the alternate route is to go full AD with snipers like Jhin and Caitlyn. Having them will round out your damage and ensure that you can compete until you hit the top four.
  • Remember that team only needs to hit the top four to ensure that you climb. Using innovators to consistently hit it means you have a better chance of reaching challenger as the season progresses.
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