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TechXetra Reboot

North-East India’s biggest techno-cultural festival is back in the business! TechXetra Reboot, (TechXetra 2017) is finally happening in Tezpur University and like every year, it is going to be a massive and promising happening.

This year at TechXetra, we will witness 55+ events, 20000+ footfalls, 10+ social initiatives and never-ending fun and diversion. Let us start the course of this article with a brief description about Tezpur University and TechXetra itself.

Tezpur University and The History of TechXetra

Tezpur University is one of the many prestigious educational institutes in Assam. It is, of course, located in Tezpur, Assam, The City of Blood. It offers a wide-range of courses and was ranked 601-800 in the world by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings of 2018. In India, it was ranked 48 overall by the National Institutional Ranking Framework of 2017 and 30 among universities.

TechXetra is Tezpur University’s annual, national-level technical festival that directly translates as the terrain of new technological trends, ideas and innovation, it celebrates the spirit of innovation with profound enthusiasm and is one of the largest technical festivals in the north-eastern region. The word TechXetra derives from a combination of ‘Tech’ which refers to technology, and ‘Xetra’ meaning terrain. TechXetra showcases an array of events ranging from robotics, technical workshops, innovative construction, a lecture series delivered by eminent personalities, an enrapturing cultural night and gaming. It is a centre of attraction for a multitude of people and personalities.

TechXetra was born back in 2008, and this year it is completing ten years of its journey. Every year, the institute’s prime focus on TechXetra was to make it bigger, better and more enthralling than before. And for the tenth edition, things are getting better than ever. TechXetra Reboot will feature some of the biggest names in the industries, be it academics or entertainment. Active minds from all over the country will battle it out in a variety of scintillating events, and the crowds shall be enthralled by the electrifying performances featured in the cultural nights.


TechXetra Reboot has over 55 events to offer for their tenth edition, ranging from robotics, technical workshops, lecture series, an extravaganza cultural night to hardcore gaming events. Let’s read them in details.

TechXetra 2017

Robophronesis 4.0 is one of TechXetra Reboot’s many technical events. It is a creative platform for attendees to learn, explore and share their knowledge on Robotics and Automation. It consists of four events – Robowars, RC Racing, Robo Soccer & Obstacle Race. Robophronesis 4.0 will run for the first and second days, i.e. 3rd and 4th November. The registration fee is Rs. 400 per team and the whole event offers a whopping prize pool of Rs. 34,000. For registrations, click here.

To grasp more information on the event, you can contact the following members –

Druba Jyoti Sut – 9613185645, Rajat Sharma – 8638774147, Ayush Kumar – 9771094805, Suraj Singh – 9470474800, Devango Borah – 9435501398


Make your own robot, help it battle out the rest of ’em, and lead your warrior to victory. Robowars is an age-old entertainment of two robots, getting into head-to-head battle to be the last one standing. The winner will take home a whopping prize-money of Rs. 14,000 and a certificate of honour.

More about Robowars can be found here –


This is an event, strictly prohibited to passionate remote-control cars. Get your modified and soul-binding RC cars on the tracks, and compete against the others in a robotic racing journey. The winner gets a cash prize of Rs. 6000 along with a certificate of honour.

More about RC Racing can be found here –


Are you a lover of both football and robot? Then this is the right event for you to indulge yourself in. Robo Soccer is TechXetra’s robotic event where two robotic teams dash, pass, shoot and defend against each other for a prize money of Rs. 8000.

More about Robo Soccer can be found here –


The way you enter, the way you continue, the way you reveal your speed to others, beings here at the enthralling event of “Obstacle Race”. It provides you with a path to bring out your enthusiasm for the rush to win with your robots. The fast speeds, tight turns, and energizing collisions makes it a fun event to watch. Winner takes Rs. 6000 and a certificate of honour.

More about Obstacle Race can be found here –

TechXetra 2017

“Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.” – Thomas A. Edison

Circuitrix is TechXetra’s event for electronics enthusiasts, and a platform for these gentlemen to show off their skills and develop their knowledge about circuits. Participants will be given statement problems, which they will have to solve and implement on spot. The more you try, the more you learn.

There’s no online form for Circuitrix registrations as of now, and more details can be found during the event itself. However, you can call the executives and get required details over the phone. Numbers are at the end of the article.

TechXetra 2017

Bride Design is a prominent part of Civil Engineering. In this workshop, groups of three can participate to design and fabricate their dream bridges and contend for a chance to win Rs. 3000. The workshop will run on the second and third days of the festival, i.e. 4th and 5th November, in the Civil Engineering Department of the University. The entry fee is Rs. 150 per member.

For rules and regulations, click here. For more information, contact the in-charge members –

Sagarika – 7002445449, Indraneel – 9678324382, Rikesh – 708681042 or Naina – 8811975093.

TechXetra 2017

The cultural events of TechXetra play a major role in maintaining the festival’s decorum. There are 7 main events in the Cultural side of the fest – Campus Princess, Le Enchanté, Mejankori, Nataraja, Choral Strings, Dance Battle and Metanoia. Let’s dive right into them.

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It is time to bring out your inner beauty, be confident and brave, and participate in TechXetra Reboot’s Campus Princess. TechXetra 2017 is offering you a chance to get selected for the Femina Miss India beauty pageant! In this star-studded event, the beauty queens bedazzle the spectators with their grace; show their grit in the Q&A round and go on to take the crown. Winners get a direct entry into the finale auditions of Campus Princess in Mumbai after which they qualify for the Miss India round. So, girls, it’s time to give yourselves an opportunity of a lifetime. The event is sponsored by Miss India Organization and powered by Fashion at Big Bazaar (FBB). The beauty pageant contest will be held on the last day of the festival, i.e. 5th November, 5 PM onward. You can register yourself for the event by clicking right here. For more information, contact –

Mrigakshee Chakravarty – 8876317039, Nandita Bordoloi – 7896751363, Pompi Medhi – 7896875960 or Meetashree Borah – 7576823899.


TechXetra 2017 brings up to you the glamorous event of the night Le Enchanté, a unisexual fashion show. The show will consist of two rounds, first being the Introductory Round and second a Q&A round. Dresses for both the rounds will be provided by eminent designers.

This fashion event will take place shortly after the Campus Princess event, i.e. 6:30 PM. The registration fee is Rs. 300 per individual. A two-day compulsory grooming and choreography session will be conducted on 3rd and 4th November by Assamese fashion prodigy, Mr Chow Poran Gogoi, to prepare the contestants better.

The winners will be crowned Ms and Mr TechXetra, they will get an exclusive portfolio photoshoot deal with Concept Studio and a direct entry to North-East India Fashion Calendar.

For rules and regulations, click here. For more information, you can contact the same members as of Campus Princess.


Mejanokri is a TechXetra’s folk dance competition, that invites dance groups from different universities to showcase the indigenous culture and traditions of Assam. This competition will take place on 3rd November in the Community Hall. The registration fee is Rs. 500 per team and the winning group will take home a prize money of Rs. 15,000. For rules and regulations, click here. For more information, you can contact –

Ruchismita Bhowmick – 9435282699 or Ananya Rajlakshi – 7005159249



Tezpur University presents for the first time ever, the street play competition, Nataraj. Got the niche to move hearts through acting? Then this is the perfect platform for you to show what you and your team can do. Come be a part of this surreal experience.

The competition will take place on 3rd November, starting at 4 PM, in the Basketball Ground. An amount of Rs. 400 will be collected as registration fee. Winner will take home a prize money of Rs. 10,000. Rules and regulations can be found here, and for registrations click here. For more information, call –

Maitree Das – 8134830482, Tanmoy Barman – 9859504446 or Bitupan Saikia – 8876023666.



“To stand up on a stage alone with an acoustic guitar requires bravery bordering on heroism. Bordering on insanity” -Richard Thomson, English singer, songwriter, and guitarist.

Fulfill your musical appetite with subtle jazz tunes, sweet guitar pluckings, harmonious voices and smooth pulsating beats. Witness and be a part of the event where talented individuals and groups nurture their raw instincts into harmony and accord.  Let your mood set along the rich and ambient setup TechXetra promises to provide and let the acoustics hit your aural senses.

The registrations are now closed. However, be there at the Volleyball Court to see some of the best guitarists perform live, and experience the musical waves, flowing all around.

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“The body says what words cannot”- Martha Graham

So, speak your heart out through your footsteps, let those emotions and expression convey what words cannot.
Let yourself loose and show ’em your moves at the Dance Battle! This competition will take place on 4th November, running from 2 PM to 5 PM. Registrations will be on spot, and the venue is Basketball Court.

Be a part of one of the largest metal /rock band festival in North East India! Being an integral part of TechXetra Reboot, Metanoia has been providing the platform in discovering talents in the Rock and Metal music scene of the region. See you there.

TechXetra 2017

This is the part of TechXetra I personally love. D’Colloseum is TechXetra’s only competitive gaming event, organized by the gamers, for the gamers. This year, we have competitive gaming tournaments for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Need for Speed: Most Wanted, FIFA 15, Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Mini Militia.

All the tournaments will take place in SOE, Dean’s Building, Computer Center on the first day of the fest, i.e. 3rd November.


Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare – Click Here
Need for Speed: Most Wanted – Click Here
FIFA 15 – Click Here
CS:GO – Click Here
Mini Militia – Click Here



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