techXetra 2k16: The National-Level Annual Technical Festival

Techxetra 2016

TechXetra 2k16 is coming this November. This two-day technical carnival will be held from 4th to 6th November in Tezpur, Assam.

techXetra (pronounced “ टेकक्षेत्र” in Hindi) is the hot conglomeration of tech enthusiasts and extravaganza lovers not just in the Northeast, but the whole India. It is hosted by Tezpur University.

Technical, management, and cultural events spanning two days will showcase the talents of students and artists alike, but mostly teenagers from the engineering field will get unprecedented exposure.

The whole list of events in each category is mind-blowing (given below). The size of the fest is huge. For example, the category Cultural Night and Competitions holds 3 events: Night, DJ Night, Metanoia, and Coral Strings. Just like this, there are a total of ten categories.

TechXetra is the largest techno-cultural event in the whole Northeast already. With the 2016 version, you can be sure that it will be even more exciting and large than ever. It’s more of a techni-cultural festival filled with dozens of events. I bet it will be a pretty hard job for you to attend each and every one of them.

Update: Full schedule can be found here.

It’s noteworthy that TechXetra specializes in hosting robotics and technical workshops in multiple disciplines. Wikipedia also names these as its major events. Therefore TechXetra 2k16 is a very appropriate portal to display your talent in technical and robotics fields specifically.

Here is the full TechXetra 2k16 event list. See what you’re most interested in!


  1. Thru D Lens
  2. Wrangle
  3. Digi Sketch
  4. Mobi Shoot


  1. RC Plane
  2. 3D Printing
  3. Internet of Things
  4. Ethical Hacking


  1. Constrolix
  2. Circuitrix
  3. Code masters
  4. Nirmaan
  5. Foodenix


  1. 5 Lecture series
  2. 1 Webinar


  1. Full Throttle
  2. Full Swing
  3. Full On (Online Quiz)

Robophronesis 3.0:

  1. Robowar
  2. Death Race
  3. Robo Soccer
  4. Stair Climber


  1. Counter Strike
  2. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 1
  3. Fifa
  4. NFS: MW1
  5. Mini Militia


  1. Photovista
  2. Army Exhibition
  3. School Exhibition


  1. Divulge
  2. Amazing Race
  3. Neymar Jr’s 5
  4. Triple Heat Basketball
  5. Shuttlebash
  6. Rapid Chess
  7. Gully Cricket
  8. Folk Dance
  9. Street Dance

Cultural Night:

  1. DJ Night
  2. Metanoia
  3. Fashion Show
  4. Coral Strings

You’ll find information like contact numbers, entry fees, rules, etc. on the official website: TechXetra 2k16. However, the website doesn’t host the information as of now. It’s under construction. But it will soon have the important information for all to see.

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