Tekken 8 is the latest game from the famed fighting franchise but the first to hit next-generation consoles. As such, it benefits from the power of Unreal Engine 5, as seen during the teaser. The Game Awards 2022 revealed more teases about the story and fighters for the upcoming game. It contains one of the biggest surprises so far. It’s one many fans have been anticipating for a long time.

The Devil and the Angel

We saw how Jin and Kazuya fought during the first trailer. It looks like there is a continuation with this trailer as Jin dives into the water defeated. We also see several scenes where Kazuya transforms into his devil version, complete with wings. He terrorizes a city and a tease of a potential confrontation between him and a stronger Jin accessing his parents’ lineage. Kazuya may be the big bad in Tekken 8.

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We then get a line, a first-time acknowledgment from Jin. He reminisces about his mother and tells her he still couldn’t protect anyone. From there, we see someone reaching out to him before the trailer finally reveals the Tekken 8 model for Jun Kazama. Yes, Jin’s mother and Kazuya’s wife finally make her return in glorious Unreal Engine 5 fashion.

Jun Kazama first made her appearance in Tekken 2 and was last seen missing after the attack from Ogre. However, she was presumed missing for many years and believed dead. She is the one who teaches Jin his fighting style, and Asuka later adopts some of her moves. The trailer shows her appearing and giving strength to her son once more before a possible final confrontation with Kazuya.

Other Characters

Several characters also make brief appearances in the trailer, showing off their new looks. We saw Paul, who now wears his hair down, a very unusual look for the American fighter. Then, there’s also his best friend and tournament veteran Marshall Law, who seems to resemble Bruce Lee a lot more. It’s interesting because there was a dispute between his likeness and Bruce’s, leading to character changes.

We also see Lars, one of the newer characters encouraging Jin. Jack-8, the latest iteration of the robot has a more futuristic look. We also see it battling King, who seems to be wearing something similar to his classic wrestling gear, with a bit more flourish.

What to Expect with Tekken 8

Tekken 8 seems to focus more on a cinematic style as it takes advantage of a new graphics engine. The new stages are beautiful, and the attacks feel impactful. Fans are excited about the eventual reveal of the Tekken 8 roster. Who will make it from the previous games to this new iteration?

Since Tekken is also now known for bringing in characters, there are a lot more possibilities for the game. Bandai Namco said it’s possible to bring back characters like Akuma and Noctis because of their tie-in to the game’s lore. There’s also the possibility of bringing in characters from other fighting games and IPs.

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