The Chinese video game publisher Tencent has invested in yet another relatively small company Bohemia Interactive.

According to a report by PC Gamer,  Tencent paid $260 to buy about 70-80% stake of the company.

Bohemia Interactive is mostly known for titles such as DayZ and Arma 3. Their latest release was Ylands.

Tencent also bought a Majority stake at Japan’s Marvelous company recently. You can read about it here.

According to Industry Insider Daniel Ahmed, Tencent’s recent acquistions and investments are mainly to compete with NetEase. It’s also because  Tencent doesn’t have their own self-published titles.

In other news, Riot Games ( which is also owned by Tencent) Valorant will be getting South Asia and Middle East servers later this year. You can read about it here.