The Command and Conquer series is a timeless classic from Westwood Studios and there is no doubt about it.

Red Alert is the third game in this series. For the fact, the evergreen C&C community considers Red Alert as one of the most prominent games by Westwood.

To everyone’s surprise, Tencent has bought the rights for the mobile version of Red Alert. Tencent has not revealed the release date yet, but we can expect it anytime soon.

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In Red Alert, the players engage themselves in base-building, troops training and mustering. The objective is to crush the enemy on the other side or defend their hold from impending invasions.

Although not much is known about what Tencent’s version of Red Alert will be like, it should be clear by now that this is C&C’s first entry into the sphere of mobile gaming.

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This means there is a chance that it will turn out GREAT, especially for mobile gamers.

Additionally, Tencent has confirmed to feature “Yuri’s Revenge” as the background story. For the fact, it is an expansion pack gamers rever for its high-quality story-telling.

All this summed up, hints that Red Alert Online will be nothing short of PC counter part, both on narrative and gameplay.

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Ishan is an e-sports correspondent from Bengal turned reviewer and essayist. Formerly, he used to specialise in CS:GO news, but now, he's into everything videogame related.

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