Tencent Secures 80% Stake In Grinding Gear Games, Path of Exile Devs

Tencent Secures 80% Stake In Grinding Gear Games, Path of Exile Devs

Leading Chinese internet giant Tencent Holdings secures 80% stake in Grinding Gear Games. It is the studio behind the massive free-to-play online RPG, Path of Exile.

Managing Director Chris Wilson said the deal is for the betterment of Grind Gear Games. With Tencent’s full-fledged support, they can expand and bring in more people into the company.

Wilson is optimistic about the deal and is ready to increase GGG’s headcount from 114 full-time employees to 130 in the period of one year. Additionally, GGG will push out more Path of Exile expansions in the coming months.

Tencent initially liked what the people at GGG were creating and based on that, they proposed the deal.

Wilson said, “There have been many people interested for a number of years but finding someone we knew would be a good fit for us and would let us get on with our own stuff independently was important because we often talk to people who have various plans for our company.”

New Zealand Game Developers Association chairperson Michael Vermeulen had something to add to this deal as well. Vermeulen said the deal “was an endorsement of the quality of New Zealand’s gaming industry”.

He also congratulated GGG for their capacity of creating a highly successful product, which has gained a reputation as one of the best online action role-playing games in the world.

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