Code To Jin Yong
Screengrab Image courtesy of Lightspeed Studios (via YouTube)

Up for a new game, players? Tencent teases on their upcoming open-world MMORPG, and here’s what we know so far!

The Teaser Release

On June 24th, Tencent teased an announcement for a new massively multiplayer online role-playing game, easier known as MMORPG. Tencent’s subordinate, Lightspeed Studios made the newest MMORPG and built-in Unreal Engine 5.

The possible date of (a longer) announcement would be on June 27th on Spark 2022, along with a new trailer coming. Tencent is one of the top gaming companies in the world, mentioning Player Unknown Battle Grounds (PUBG) Mobile and Apex Legends Mobile on the list of known games they made. We may be on a wild ride with this new MMORPG, so stick around with us to know!

Code: To Jin Yong

Code To Jin Yong Demo 1
Screengrab Image courtesy of Lightspeed Studios (via YouTube)

We finally have a name for this first Unreal Engine 5 game of Tencent! Code: To Jin Yong is adapted from an acclaimed martial arts novel series writer, Jin Yong. The release date is yet to be announced, but building it in Unreal Engine 5 would excite the fans!

Code To Jin Yong Demo
Screengrab Image courtesy of Lightspeed Studios (via YouTube)
Code To Jin Yong
Screengrab Image courtesy of Lightspeed Studios (via YouTube)

The newest trailer posted on Lightspeed Studios’ YouTube channel runs for about two minutes and thirty-seven seconds. About more than a minute in the trailer where two warriors are battling with their swords and a couple of powers as well.

Code To Jin Yong Demo 2
Screengrab Image courtesy of Lightspeed Studios (via YouTube)
Code To Jin Yong Demo 3
Screengrab Image courtesy of Lightspeed Studios (via YouTube)

The visual effects, the graphics, this is something worth looking forward to. Also, you might want to watch it here, players!

Unreal Engine 5

There may be a few who are not on top of the gaming news yet, so we’ll discuss Unreal Engine 5 a bit. Unreal Engine 5 is Epic Games’ latest version of the creation platform. Furthermore, more game developers are using it in upcoming games! Tencent is one of them, with their newest Code: To Jin Yong MMORPG which utilized the Unreal Engine 5.

Unreal Engine 5 was first used in PS5, back in Summer Game Fest 2020. The newest Unreal version is said to be focused on animation, dynamic level of detail, lighting, and crafting geometry too.

About Lightspeed Studios

Lightspeed and Quantum Studios, a Tencent subsidiary, handle the development of Code: To Jin Yong, their open-world MMORPG, to be released sometime in the future. With their slogan Lightspeed, all aboard! they sure are making their vision and mission come to life.

Lightspeed Studios is one of the world’s known innovative and successful game developers at present. We hope that this newest MMORPG becomes another success for Tencent and Lightspeed Studios! Also, you may know more about them here.

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Are you ready to take on Code: To Jin Yong? Stick with us for further updates about Tencent and Lightspeed Studios’ newest MMORPG! Feel free to write down in the comments below any thoughts on this game. For more content, stay with us, here at Spiel Times.  

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