Tetris Effect

Update: PlayStation uploaded the entire interview. Here it goes –

Today during the PlayStation Live From E3 Day 2 live stream, Tetsuya Mizuguchi revealed the goals he wants to achieve with Tetris Effect and his hopes from the game.

First of all, he started off with the game’s music. I mean, if you’ve watched the Tetris Effect trailer, you’d have probably searched “Tetris Effect Music” and failed to find it. The music in the trailer just pleases your ears like no other music could. It is so satisfying.

The music in the trailer is also the music in the first level of Tetris Effect. All the pieces of music used in the game are original and are perfect for a hot summer day to relax and escape the reality.

Next, he shares the objective of the game. Tetris Effect will focus on complete relaxation. If you lose yourself while playing the game with your VR headsets on, there’s nothing to worry. The game’s made for that purpose.

The idea of making Tetris Effect started back in 2004-2005 said Mizuguchi. But he knew it wouldn’t be possible for licensing problems and many more to come. So he and his team went on to make Rez. But his goal was Tetris with music.

Soon he contacted Tetris Company founder Hank Rogers and discussed the game. After long conversations and decisions, they confirmed the development of Tetris Effect.

Tetris Effect’s primary goal is to be a game, something beautiful, that people can enjoy, relax and play to escape the real world. Mizuguchi hopes people will enjoy Tetris as it isn’t any new concept. The rules are simple and almost everyone knows how the game works.

Tetris Effect has just improvised the visuals, added a lot of mesmerising music and opened a portal to a completely imaginary world. The game will run on 4K on the PS4 Pro.

Again like most other PS4 games, Tetris Effect has no release date yet. However, we know the game will be playable both on PS VR and PS4/PS4 Pro.

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