Tetris Effect’s PC Version Is Exclusive To Epic Games Store, But You Need Steam To Play

For months there have been discussions about the exclusive Epic Games Store. Many developers are favorable, given that Epic Games Store grants a higher percentage of revenues (which can, therefore, be invested in new works). Many players, on the other hand, criticize the work of the creators of Fortnite, given that the store lacks many functions that Steam, a first and direct competitor, offers. One of the shortcomings is a technology dedicated to the support of virtual reality viewers. The absence of the latter is back in the limelight with the curious case of Tetris Effect.

Tetris Effect has finally also landed on PC. Precisely, as an exclusive Epic Games Store. The title also has a VR mode. If you want to play HTC Vive with this “new classic”, you must start the SteamVR client. A quite paradoxical situation, according to many users. The information also comes directly from the official FAQ of the game on Epic Games Store, where the issue is explained precisely.

It is also noteworthy that the developers of Tetris Effect did not use OpenVR, which is the open-source alternative to SteamVR. This is a technical requirement, perhaps caused by the fact that the exclusivity agreement came in the final stages of the development of the PC version which was then being prepared for landing on Steam.

Nevertheless, on ResetEra, it is pointed out that the much-criticized 30% demanded by Steam is still reinvested for the creation of open technologies and full service of the developers who can even use them for games sold exclusively on other stores. What do you think about it? Will you buy Tetris Effect even though it was only released on Epic Games Store?


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