Texas A&M Student Tanner Hoang, Missing; Latest Update

In what seems to be the next addition to the internet-redeemed Texas man meme, another tragedy has befallen a Texas Student who’s gone missing. The gone-missing report of Tanner Hoang a student of Texas A&M Student has bothered his friends, family, and community. The College Station Police Department is in its dire best efforts to get more information regarding the missing Tanner Hoang.

Tanner Hoang missing
Image credit: KHOU

Hoang has not been seen for multiple days starting his going missing on December 16. His last reported location was in the 900 blocks, of Colgate Drive in College Station, Texas. Tanner went missing from his university campus. Hoang stands at about 6 feet tall and weighs about 175 pounds.

How did Tanner Hoang go missing?

  • The officials have confirmed that Tanner was going to meet up with his family for lunch. His family was on the campus to attend a graduation ceremony.
  • The police confirmed that his father had texted him before he went missing. The text was left on reading before his mobile phone went switched off.

The Facebook Group dedicated to the Police’s Aid

Texas Student Missing
image courtesy of kagstv.com

To hopefully aid the Police in their investigation, Tanner Hoang’s friends, family, and community well-wishers have come together to form a Facebook group.

  1. The community members in the group have reportedly marked a video of his 2009 Lexus ES350 stopping for gas in Caldwell.
  2. His plates read BS2C737. This quickly made it to the Police but so far nothing else that is substantial has come out since.

“DPS continues to work hard on the case with support from CSPD and all of you, keep looking for the vehicle!!” wrote Tanner’s uncle. Tanner’s uncle has also opened up to the press in response to his views on the missing case of Tanner.

Tanner’s family shared the surveillance video with KHOU. The video is surveillance footage that revealed Tanner’s silver Lexis heading west from College Station. He was seen heading towards Bastrop.

Texas A&M Student missing
image courtesy of ABC13.com

If you have by any chance heard, seen, or witnessed anything related to Hoang, please dial 979-764-3600. Help the authorities find one missing person. It’s bothersome, because of how devastating it can be for the person’s family and friends. It’s one, but it’s one too many for the goodness of the world.

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