Texas Chain Saw Massacre: The Game – Technical Playtest Extended | How to register

Texas Chain Saw Massacre Technical playtest extended

Texas Chain Saw Massacre is a horror survival game based on the hit horror movies of the same name from the 90s. The movie franchise has been quite successful over the years, leading to a video game adaptation that will be released on August 19, 2023. The game is developed by Sumo Nottingham and features cooperative gameplay and player versus player (PvP) combat. People can get a taste of this game right now as the Technical Playtest for Texas Chain Saw Massacre is live now – we’ve whipped up this article to answer questions about how to register for it and what the extended dates are.

Extended Technical Playtest for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Before releasing the game to the general public, the developers of the game want to test their server test load. With that being said, a Technical Playtest for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is live now, and it is free to play.

The initial dates of the Technical Playtest were originally May 25 to May 28. But after reviewing the community feedback, they saw that gamers wanted to enjoy this game a bit more. As a response, the devs have decided to extend the Technical Playtest, allowing you to spend more time in the Slaughterhouse with the victims and the Slaughter Family.

The developers broke the news through their official Twitter account and confirmed that the extended technical playtest will end on Monday evening at 11:59 PM Eastern US time.

How to register for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Technical Playtest:

Although the Technical Playtest has limited slots, it is free to the public. All you need to do is go to the game’s official store page on Steam.

  • After reaching there, scroll down and click on “Request Access.”
  • If you are lucky and you get selected for the Technical Playtest, you will receive an e-mail from Steam.
  • Furthermore, the technical playtest of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre does not have an NDA. This means you can stream and share the content for the game if you are lucky to get in.

Note: If you have further questions about the technical playtest, visit this site.

Specifications required to play Texas Chain Saw Massacre Technical Playtest

The specs needed to play The Texas Chain Saw Massacre:

  • 1080p 30FPS

    • i5 CPU / 8GB RAM / 30GB HDD / RTX 2070

  • 1080p 60FPS

    • i7 CPU / 16GB RAM / 30GB SSD / RTX 3070

  • 4k 30FPS

    • i7 CPU / 16GB RAM / 30GB SSD / RTX 3090

  • 4k 60FPS

    • i9 CPU / 16GB RAM / 30GB SSD / RTX 4090

Note: You can play the technical playtest below these specs, too. However, it would highly compromise the quality of the game

Are you excited about this upcoming game? What are you looking forward to the most from Gun Interactive’s upcoming title? If you have any questions about the technical playtest of the Texas Chain Saw Massacre and how to register, do comment below. Feel free to leave any thoughts you have in the comments below!

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