Texas: Missing Woman found Alive inside submerged Jeep

Texas Missing Woman

A Texas lady was discovered alive in a car that was found submerged in a lake two days after she was reported missing, in what investigators are calling miraculous. According to a statement from the neighborhood Marion County sheriff’s office, the woman had been reported missing by the Longview, Texas Police since 5th of April 2023.

Missing Woman found Alive inside submerged Jeep


    • A fisherman reported seeing a black Jeep about 40 feet away from the boat ramp of Lake O’ the Pines on Friday, April 7, 2023.
    • Just the Jeep’s roof is visible in the images that the Marion County Sheriff’s Office released online. The Jeep was able to be retrieved after local authorities arrived on the site with a recovery squad.
    • Police observed someone moving inside the vehicle as they were pulling it out of the water. With the help of the wrecker service, fisherman, and Marion County officials, a woman was successfully removed from the submerged vehicle.
    • It was eventually found out by the authorities that the woman discovered inside the Vehicle was the same one who had been reported missing.

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The identity of the Missing Texas Woman is still unknown

  • According to the sheriff’s office, the missing woman, who has not been publicly identified, was found as rescue workers at the scene got ready to pull the Jeep out of the water. She was missing for two days prior.
  • The woman was attended to by local paramedics at the site before being transferred to a nearby hospital for more care in an undetermined condition.

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