Thailand’s Prab Laoharojanaphan proved that a Motivation for PS5 runs for more than 4 months. Here’s the man who lost weight for PS5. There is an abundance of curated articles, blogs, vlogs, writeups, and motivational videos that implore how motivation is not enough.

Motivation, no matter whether such an instinct comes from god himself or is dug from the deepest part of the psyche, eventually runs out. This isn’t necessarily untrue for the human mind can only go so long. It is common for athletes to want to give up training. For swimmers to go quitting the second week.

Meet the man who lost weight for PS5

man lost weight for sony ps5
The Man who lost weight for PS5, via his facebook account

Prab Laoharojanaphan took to his Facebook on 18th October to share a before and after image of his fat loss journey. Put together with the carousel was a photo of a PS5 console. He claimed on his Facebook post that his wife challenged him to a weight loss. At the end of the challenge apparently awaited him a brand new PS5. Prab Laoharojanaphan finished the challenge in 4 months, claiming to have lost 10 KG.

The day and age of the Sony PS5 shortage

Gawks Art PS5 Mod
Gawks Art hand drawn PS5 Case Faceplate Art

In the day and age where supply chain shortage and semiconductor supply drain is causing huge eruptions in the electronics and auto industry, the PS5 is at an all-time high. Although prices have finally started to show glimpses of stabilizing starting the end of October 2022.

Although Prab posted the picture on 18th October, it isn’t confirmable yet if that is the exact date on which he finished his challenge. Because his previous photos show a steady decline even before July, which would be about the date if he truly started 4 months ago.

The PS5 price in Thailand just soared

PS5 Accessories
courtesy of Sony

The PlayStation 5 is a hard thing to find nowadays. Especially in China where there is a rise of almost 2,000 Baht. In Thailand, the standard edition PS5 has gone from 16,990 baht to a whooping 18,690 baht. The digital edition stands at about 15,690 bath, while its previous pricing was at 13,990 baht.

How did he lose weight for a PS5 and how long did it take?

the man who lost 10 kg for sony ps5
via Prab’s facebook page.

Of the different ways in which weight loss could be achieved, the man who lost weight for a Sony PS5 suggests following an apt routine that fits the body’s needs. He remarks that people with obesity have different ways in which their metabolism reacts to food.

As such proper knowledge is mandatory to experiment and find what diet works best for them. On the same, he suggested the book The Obesity Code: Unlocking the Secrets of Weight Loss” by Dr. Jason Fung. 

The man advocates for intermittent fasting and a keto diet

intermittent fasting for the man who lost weight for ps5

Dr. Fung is a Canadian nephrologist and has over 886k followers on his youtube. He is renowned for his advocacy of low-carbohydrate, high-fat intermittent dieting. Dr. Fung’s formula for health may have been exactly what helped Prab Laoharojanaphan overcome his weight problems, along with the added motivation for A PS5, of course.

That man who lost weight for a PS5 shares his diet plan – which consists of eating for only 4 hours duration on a day. For the rest of the 20 hours, he fasts. He also shared that one should initially begin by fasting for 16 hours and eating for 8, gradually reducing it to 18-6 and to 20-4. The Thai Man also suggests an 80 percent keto diet with 20 percent treats. He mentions that it is okay to cherish moments of happiness in delicacies when out with friends and families.

Dr jason Fung
Dr Jason Fung

The man who lost weight for a PS5 may have lost it for other reasons 

Although whether his wife truly gifted him a PS5 or not is still something we would like to know properly. I mean, of course, he said it. But it’s likely that the PS5 Is just an added bonus to add some spice to his story. The man was more motivated by his own dread of becoming healthier.

After all, it doesn’t seem like he cannot afford a PS5 while his wife can. The PS5 gifting may be true but is more of a sweet gesture. He may have as well bought the console without ever taking the challenge. He also could have done the challenge without having a PS5. All this technicality, however, doesn’t deprive the sweetness of the entire thing.

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