Post Malone on losing weight and denies drug use
Post Malone loses some weight (Image via IMDb/People)

Post Malone is one of the iconic American rappers of the last decade and some of the pictures he posted on social media over the last couple of days show that he has lost weight. In reaction to the photos, some people have made assumptions about him using drugs.

Post Malone decided not to stay silent about the circulating rumors. According to him, he is staying away from both alcohol and drugs. He has decided to leave behind his past and live a healthier and busier life for his little daughter.

Post Malone fans show concerns

Post Malone started his music career in 2011, and he has risen in popularity every single year ever since. Today, he is known to be one of the iconic singers and rappers from America. 

The first concern about Post Malone under alcohol or drug use came up in the year 2020 when a viral video of him falling and acting weird on stage circulated for quite some time. He is also known to be a party animal like many other artists.

He did have multiple occasions of struggle but for him, it was when he became a dad that he realized the lives depended entirely on him.  

Post Malone past his partying phase

There were numerous accusations that Post Malone is on drugs but he decided not to stay silent. According to him, as stated in one of his posts, he is not doing any drugs. He also stated that there were a number of people who have asked him about his weight loss, and his simple answer was stage performance. The artist is now having lots of fun performing and having a healthier life.

Post Malone talked stated that his life has changed completely because of becoming a dad. He has started eating better food and quitting drinking soda, will stop smoking next. He also added that he is happy now and working on creating more music. 

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