It’s Halloween, and MrBeast is back to giving away large sums of money and highly valued items as a part of his latest content. On his latest videos on YouTube and Tiktok, MrBeast started giving to children the only way he can, through large bundles of cash. He is known to level up his annual celebrations, with this time seeming to be no different. Many children and their parents will enjoy the rest of the year with new things.

$10,000 Trick or Treat

On November 2, MrBeast began posting on his TikTok to show how he’s been giving away $10,000 in cash to trick-or-treaters. Yes, he’s been giving away large stacks of money to excited children and their parents. Of course, the fortunate Halloween participants were astounded at the value given without any catch. Some were surprised to find the content creator in their area for Halloween.

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There was even an occasion when a kid tried to trade back the money for candy instead. MrBeast found the gesture endearing but urged the child to keep his $10,000. He did not hold back with candy either, as he began giving away bars of Feastables to all trick-or-treaters to enjoy. Feastables is his signature chocolate brand that he’s been promoting for some time.

How About iPhones?

Those familiar with MrBeast’s content know he doesn’t just stop at cash. In a separate video released during the Halloween season, he gave away brand new iPhones to astonished children. A child in a Minecraft-themed costume got brand-new iPhones with some Apple AirPods.

The videos are the latest in a string of giveaways and charity events that MrBeast has been known for. He is one of the highest-paid content creators on YouTube and TikTok. Apart from that, he’s established a brand that’s known for this type of content.

The Wealth of MrBeast

According to MrBeast, despite his extravagant videos, he actually lives a simple lifestyle. It all looks extravagant on videos, but most of the things he gives away are money gained from sponsorships and promotions. He discovered that by giving away money and items to people, he was actually beginning to earn more. It was a cycle that allowed him to profit and establish a unique brand online.

There have been many viral MrBeast videos over the past years. One of the most notable would be the recreation of the popular Netflix show Squid Game in real life. He invited random people and content creators, giving away nearly half a million dollars to the final survivor. He also loves doing challenge videos, and anyone who dares to do his challenges end up with more than they expect.

MrBeast was inspired to become a content creator by YouTube legend PewDiePie. He’s also connected to numerous other popular content creators and often collaborates with them.

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