The fashion industry has just lost an icon. Issey Miyake passed away at the age of 84 due to liver cancer on August 5, 2022. He was a Japanese fashion designer who is known for his unique yet innovative and creative clothing designs. Miyake took up graphic design at the Tama Art University in Tokyo, Japan. While studying, he focused on designing clothes.

Then on 1970, he was able to establish his studio. After 3 years, he made his Paris debut in a ready-to-wear calendar. Miyake then led to fame and success in the 1980s. This is also where he began gaining international reception because of his innovative pleated clothing.

Since then, he continues to be innovative in his style. He puts both modern and traditional ways in making a contemporary dress. In his fashion company, Issey Miyake Inc. has 9 different brands. With his big impact on the fashion industry. Let’s take a look back at his best-known works.

Looking back at Issey Miyake’s best-known works

  • The iconic turtle neck look of Steve Jobs
    • Aside from being the pioneer and co-founder of Apple Inc., he is also known as someone who often wears a black turtle neck top. Especially when presenting at the Apple showcase events.
    • The person behind his iconic look is none other than Issey Miyake. According to The Guardian, produced 100 mock turtlenecks for Jobs’ signature look.
Image Courtesy of Inc 42

  • The pleated clothing designs
    • One of Miyake’s best works is certainly his famous pleated styles Then because of it, he is also known as the Prince of Pleats.
    • Miyake made an innovative style were clothing with a pleated style that never gets wrinkled. This design is a ground-breaking idea for him.
    • He later launched his Pleats Please clothing brand in 1988 where they do a ‘garment pleating’ technique.
During Issey Miyake’s Spring 1994 show / Image Courtesy of Philippe Brazil

  • His unique and colorful collections
    • In the statement of Issey Miyake Group, they described Miyake’s vision in designing. “Miyake’s dynamic spirit was driven by a relentless curiosity and desire to convey joy through the medium of design.
    • As he is also an “anti-trend” throughout his fashion career. He continues to go beyond the box in his styles from every fashion runway.
Issey Miyake’s works at the National Art Center in Tokyo, Japan / Image Courtesy of Spoon & Tamago

  • Take a look at the celebrities who wore his designs
    • Many celebrities were able to wear his designs aside from Steve Jobs.
    • Check out the other celebrities below.

Issey Miyake is an icon and a one-of-a-kind fashion designer in history. His innovative vision is going to be a blueprint for future generations as well. We at Spiel Times express our condolences to his family and loved ones. May he rest in peace.

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