The Bold & Beautiful has been a staple of daytime television since its premiere in 1987. And it continues to attract a loyal fanbase with its dramatic storylines and engaging characters. However, in recent months, the show has undergone a significant cast shakeup. Here’s everything to know about The Bold & Beautiful Shakeup, new cast, and how it will affect the show.

What is The Bold & Beautiful show about?

For over three decades, The Bold and the Beautiful has captured the hearts and minds of viewers with its amazing plotline and shocking betrayals. At the core of the show is the Forrester family, a fashion dynasty whose personal lives are as dramatic as their runway shows.

The show’s other major romantic storyline revolves around the Logan family, who are rivals to the Forresters in the fashion industry. Brooke Logan is the show’s leading lady and her relationship with Ridge.

If you love a good soap opera, you must watch The Bold and the Beautiful – whether you’re a long-time fan or a newbie!

The Bold & Beautiful Shakeup: Departures

The Bold & Beautiful Shakeup new cast
Image Courtesy of CBS

The departure of veteran actor Don Diamont, who played the beloved character of Bill Spencer, was a shock to fans. Diamont had been a fixture on the show for over a decade, and his departure left a noticeable void.

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, who played Steffy Forrester, and Kiara Barnes, who played Zoe Buckingham, also bid farewell to the show. Leaving fans wondering what would happen next.

The Bold & Beautiful New cast members

The Bold & Beautiful Shakeup new cast members
Image Courtesy of CBS
  • But all is not lost. The show has brought in fresh talent to fill the gaps left by departing cast members. One of the most significant additions is Delon de Metz, who has taken on the role of Zende Forrester Dominguez, previously played by Rome Flynn.
  • De Metz’s portrayal of the character has been praised by fans and critics alike, and he has quickly become a fan favorite.
  • Other new cast members include Diamond White, who plays Paris Buckingham, and Tanner Novlan, who plays Finnegan “Finn” Thompson.

These new characters have breathed new life into the show and provided exciting new plotlines for fans to sink their teeth into. Some new additions to the show are Cassandra Creech as Dr. Grace Buckingham and Linda Purl as Stephen Logan’s Girlfriend.

What do these Recasts and departures mean for the show?

The cast shakeup on The Bold and the Beautiful has both positive and negative implications for the show. Losing fan favorites like Don Diamont and Jacqueline MacInnes Wood has undoubtedly been tough for fans to swallow.

But it has also opened up new opportunities for the show to explore new characters and storylines.

New cast members have injected energy into the show and kept fans engaged despite the loss of long-time actors. The show’s producers have wisely used the opportunity to introduce new characters and expand the show’s universe.

While it can be challenging to say goodbye to characters we have grown to love, the show’s ability to evolve and adapt is what has kept it on the air for so long.

Where to watch The Bold & Beautiful?

  • The Bold and The Beautiful can be watched on weekdays on CBS starting at 1.30 pm EST.
  • The show can also be streamed through Paramount+ and watched online at


That’s everything you need to know about The Bold & Beautiful Shakeup, which had some sad leaves and new returns. Although there have been a lot of recasts, leaves, and returns of the show’s character, we’ve only tried to include those of 2022.

Are you excited to watch the new faces? Do let us know in the comments down below.

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