‘The Boys’ Season 3: All Members of Soldier Boy’s Payback Team and Where They Are Now

The third season of the Amazon Prime original series ‘The Boys’ gave away not just the usual superhero satire and bloody episodes, they also introduced the highly anticipated Soldier Boy and Payback team. In this article, we will be learning about all members of Payback and their whereabouts.

Warning: Please take note that what you will be reading below will contain some spoilers, so read at your own risk!

All Payback Team Members

  • Swatto
  • Gunpowder
  • TNT Twins
  • Mindstorm
  • Crimson Countess
  • Black Noir
  • Soldier Boy


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During a flashback in an episode in Season 3, we saw a glimpse of Swatto and his powers. Because he was killed in Nicaragua in 1984, his backstory is yet to be discovered – or at least nobody wants to. Due to his carelessness and recklessness, he gave away Grace Mallory’s secret hideout and eventually exposed the military as well as Payback. No wonder this flying insect/human was killed off immediately.

Marvel Superhero Parody: Ant-Man and The Wasp

Status: Dead (didn’t even last a few minutes of screen time)


Photo Courtesy of the-boys.fandom.com

Gunpowder (portrayed by Sean Patrick Flanery) was Soldier Boy’s sidekick during the height of Payback in the ’80s. His power relies on his expertise in firearms, therefore, his aim and accuracy are incomparable and no marksman came close to Gunpowder. Although their time as the favorite superhero team ended a long time ago, Gunpowder still holds patriotism speeches and rifle shooting programs with Vought. Unfortunately for him, he faced a suped-up Billy Butcher in a one-on-one fight. That being said, he got pretty “sliced up”. Fortunately for him, he does not have to face the wrath of Soldier Boy anymore.

DC Super Hero Parody: Deadshot and Judge Dredd

Status: Super Dead

TNT Twins

If it isn’t the electrifying TNT Twins – Tommy and Tessa – who hosted this year’s “Herogasm”. Their powers were kind of cool, but they need each other to perform a series of electrical explosions since it needs both of them to ignite that power.

These siblings are the most arrogant members of Payback. To add, they are only in the superhero scene to be popular, famous, and to get drugs. In Season 3, Episode 6 “Herogasm”, the TNT twins met their demise when Soldier Boy found them in their mansion in Vermont. Soldier Boy suddenly blacked out, wreaking havoc in the TNT Twins’ vicinity, killing the twins as well as other participants of the orgy.

DC Super Hero Parody: Wonder Twins

Status: Dead and Dead

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Photo Courtesy of the-boys.fandom.com

Little is very known about Payback’s psychic supe, Mindstorm. We haven’t seen a lot of him in the third season, especially during the Nicaragua tragedy in 1984. According to some fans of the comic books, Mindstorm is a supe with telekinetic and psychic abilities, thus the name.

Since he is one of the members of Payback, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Soldier Boy comes after him, too. Although his location or whereabouts are still unknown, Butcher can track him down with ease. Also, in the comics, Mindstorm was killed by Butcher after a botched mission to take down Butcher and The Boys.

Marvel Super Hero Parody: Professor X/Vision

Status: Unknown

Crimson Countess

Photo Courtesy of the-boys.fandom.com

Soldier Boy’s ex-girlfriend, Crimson Countess, was revealed to be the person behind the kidnapping of Soldier Boy in Nicaragua. After their reunion in Crimson Countess’ trailer, Soldier Boy had no choice but to turn his former love interest into a melted body in a red spandex suit. Although Crimson Countess admitted to the plot, Soldier Boy still wants to kill all of his former teammates.

Crimson Countess can throw overcharged energy blasts with just a sleight of hand. These blasts are so deadly that they can immediately make bodies explode (similar to Victoria Neuman’s head-popping ability), as depicted during a scene in Voughtland in the show. Sadly, Crimson Countess won’t be able to hold sexual live streams and concerts anymore, thanks to Soldier Boy.

Marvel Super Hero Parody: Scarlet Witch

Status: Dead

Black Noir

Photo Courtesy of GameSpot

In the comics, Black Noir is Homelander’s clone who was made to keep Homelander in check. If ever Homelander goes rogue, Vought has a contingency plan – releasing the true identity of Black Noir. But, Amazon’s The Boys did not follow that storyline. Instead, Black Noir is actually a black guy who got badly disfigured during the Nicaragua incident. He also has an allergy to nuts which seems like a weakness.

Since the first season, we saw how physically strong and tough Black Noir is. He can easily take down enemies with his strength and can sustain a lot of heavy damage in return. Noir is very similar to Batman, only he has super strength and durability. After learning that Soldier Boy is back, Black Noir seems to be afraid. Maybe what the TNT Twins told Soldier Boy was true, that Black Noir was the real man behind his kidnapping. He immediately took out his tracker from his arm and left the Vought tower without any notice. Nobody still knows where he is headed.

DC Super Hero Parody: Batman

Status: Ditched Homelander and went AWOL

Soldier Boy

Photo Courtesy of cinemablend.com

Of course, the man himself, Soldier Boy! Before Homelander became the face of Vought, there was America’s favorite son, Soldier Boy. A supe with super-strength, invulnerability, super speed, and a newly acquired ability, a very deadly energy blast who wields a heavy shield as a weapon as well as protection. The guy is also an extreme douchebag and has the talent to be a true asshole.

After a terrifying and traumatizing torture Soldier Boy experienced at the hands of the Russians, he wakes up and returns to the present, all thanks to Butcher. Now that he is up and running, his sole purpose is to kill all of his former teammates. So far, the only ones left are Black Noir and Mindstorm so he is coming to a close. This leads us to the question, will he want to take over The Seven? We saw him almost killing Homelander, but we also learned he can’t take him down in a one-on-one matchup.

Marvel Super Hero Parody: Captain America

Status: Still On The Run For Revenge

On a side note, Amazon Prime is picking up ‘The Boys’ for a fourth season which means we will be seeing more of Butcher and The Boys facing off against their hated supes. Butcher, Hughie, MM, Frenchie, Kimiko, and Starlight are all on a mission to take down all of these insane supes en route to a better world.

Can Soldier Boy beat Homelander? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. For more content, stay with us, here at Spiel Times.  

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