The Boys Season 3 “Herogasm” Explained

If you think that The Boys couldn’t get any better, think again. ‘The Boys’ Season 3, Episode 6 is just around the corner and fans are ecstatic to finally see more of Hughie, Butcher, and the boys (and of course Homelander). With the show lighting up the superhero scene, the creators are now greenlighting its much-awaited diabolical party – The Herogasm.

Hero … what? (Herogasm Explained)

The Boys’ Herogasm first came into life in a six-issue The Boys comic book mini-series released in 2009. The title itself is pretty self-explanatory but if you haven’t read the comics yet, we are going to give you a synopsis of this event. Herogasm is an annual event hosted by Vought which will be joined by several supes from all parts of the United States. This affair, which is an exclusive event, will be held somewhere on a remote tropical island.

To cut to the chase, Herogasm allows the invited supes to – you guessed it – organize a lot of orgies, sex feasts, and everything filthy you can possibly imagine. Of course drugs, alcohol, and strippers will be present in the venue. Don’t these spoiled celebrities do that on a daily basis? Well, I guess these cunts just don’t get enough, don’t they? (If you are reading that in Butcher’s voice, you’re a legend!) It would be safe to say that there are no limitations of any kind in Herogasm. And, by that, we are going to be seeing more bodies (alive, dead, or just completely wiped out).

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This story has been consistently teased by Eric Kripke as well as the show’s cast in the past. Also, if anyone remembers, Queen Maeve went missing in action, all thanks to Homelander and Black Noir. Starlight became extremely worried about her sudden disappearance so she asked Ashley where Maeve went only to be told that Maeve is in a wellness chuhcui n Malibu.

Fans think that is a subtle hint about a location on where the orgasm could take place or maybe it’s just a cryptic code for – MAEVE IS DEAD. Anyhow, we’re going to find out when episode 6 kicks in on Friday.

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What to Expect with Episode 6′ “Herogasm”?

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Blood, blood, and more blood!

Well, for one, The Boys never excludes bloodbath and gore in their episodes, so there’s that. Second, Homelander is uncontrollable and can snap any minute now. It’s just a matter of time until we see the whole world crumble. Should I add that Soldier Boy is now in the picture?

The Boys XXX

It’s HEROGASM, duh! Obviously, there will be a lot of filth in this episode, so better watch out! Also, Erin Moriarty (Starlight) teased during an interview that “Blood will not only be the bodily fluid that is shed” – sounds about right, doesn’t it mate?

In addition to that, in the only teaser video we were given so far, a warning about Massive Supe Orgy, Airborne Penetration, Dildo-Based Maiming (Yes, Kimiko, we know), Extra Strength Lube, Icicle Phalluses, and Cursing. I mean, Extra Strength Lube, really?

Soldier Boy Meets Homelander

Nothing is going to beat a Soldier Boy and Homelander standoff. As opposed to what happened in the comics, Eric Kripke assured the fans that Homelander will not make love to Soldier Boy. We want that duel, right boys?

The DEEP goes Deeper

The cast of “The Boys” kept on teasing their viewers that The Deep (Chace Crawford) will have the craziest scene in the upcoming episode. If you thought eating Timothy was the grossest thing he’s done, then you haven’t seen enough.

Amazon Prime’s ‘The Boys’ kicked off its third season with a huge bump in popularity.
The second and third seasons saw an increase in viewership from season 1 by 17% and 234%, respectively. The show will air every Friday only on Amazon Prime Video.

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