The Boys may have had its censorship-related obstacles initially when going for the drill of getting its live-action adaptation, but that’s a thing of the past now. With a brutal Season 3 making all the greens for the producers, it was time the fans got more than just Karl Urban’s orgasmic British accent.

Not that we hate it, it’s for all fair reasons, f*cking diabolic. It’s just that a time of your life with your favorite comic book heroes in the Prime Video series gets you hoping for more. Godolkin university is here to do just that, add up a totally familiar but totally different The Boys spin-off series set up in the same universe titled GEN V. But will the spin-off connect to the main story? read on.

The Boys Buthcer against Homelander
Billy facing Homelander in Finale of S03 | credits Amazon Studios press |

What’s Up With The Vought International Tweet?

Well, Amazon’s The Boys has an unusually unconventional but diabolically brilliant way of promotions. They set up what pro-wrestling fans may know as kayfabe, that is to continue the act even beyond the stage. That doesn’t mean Karl Urban goes acting all kamikaze in the bar to act out his ‘Billy The Butcher has an anger problem’ dynamic. It does however conform to Amazon Studios which has a Vought International Twitter account and a Youtube account.

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What is Gen V Going To Be About?

  • Everyone initially called it the ‘The Boys College spin-off’. And that kinda went a long way until finally we now know what the new series is called – Gen V. (Haha Gen Z).
  • Playing by their rules, Vought’s official Twitter account recently released a tweet that promoted and asked for donations for their latest initiation towards regulating the Supe forces. Building an academy in a hunger-style type of institution where Supe teenagers will go through the hurdles of college work and the ups and downs of hormonal changes. Atypical to most Teenage dramas, any average The Boys fan would be able to muster that Gen V won’t be your typical teen drama.

Erik Kripke the showrunner of The Boys commented “I love that The Boys, underneath all the superhero trappings, has a reality to it. And I’m hoping Gen V captures that.”

Hughie before finding Red River The Boys Spin Off Easter egg
Hughie in Episode 2 of S3 | credits Amazon Studios press |

The Gen V Cast Is All Geared

  • The Boys’ official Twitter account released a video message by the cast of Gen V on July 15, 2022.
  • The Boys Spin-Off Gen V casts Jaz Sinclair, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Lizze Broadway, Chance Perdomo, London Thor, Asa Germann, Derek Luh, and Shelley Con.
  • Perdomo who previously appeared on The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina says that “It’s fucked up. You’re gonna love it.
  • Patrick Schwarzenegger had previously described The Boys Spin-Off as Euphoria but with Supes. His comment seems to come from the angle that Euphoria was full of teenage screw-ups and heroin angst. Gen V isn’t that different in that regard, it’s just gore and fleshy angst with Compound V to substitute the heroin archetype.

The Boys Easter Egg During Season 3 for GEN V

The Boys Season 3 Episode 2 Red River Foster Home Easter Egg for Gen V

Marie M of Gen V
Gen V easter egg in The Boys S03E02| credits Amazon Prime

The Red River group home for foster supe kids made its screen-breaking impact upon the revelation that Claudia Doumit played the character Victoria Neuman belonged to the same. The Easter Egg had spawned the moment Hughie jumped at the Red River foster home with the excuse of adopting a supe child. There he sees a record of all the supe kids ever raised by the institution and we see a glimpse of 17-year-old Marie M played by Jaz Sinclair who is also known for Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

Will The Red River Group Play Any Major Role?

Nadia In The Boys
Nadia | credits Amazon Studios press |

The Red River is an affiliated institution that is a subsidiary of Vought International and is used for scanning orphaned Supe children. It is important because Vicky Neuman born named Nadia was revealed to be the head-popping supe from Season 2. Erik Kripke had previously said that there are multiple ideas for many spin-offs, but they will take it one at a time. One can put their high gambles that the connection of the character Marie M will bring Red River into Godolkin University’s storyline. 

Will The Boys Storyline Crossover With Spin-Off Gen V?

  • The Gen V storyline will essentially cross with The Boys. Nadia’s presidential campaign and soldier boy storyline will have its premise in the background. The spin-off isn’t completely off-world and will base itself on the events that happened in Season 3. The spin-off’s events will then influence Season 4 of The Boys.
  • Kripke confirmed that multiple concepts for a lot of many spin-offs were thought of and discussed. Although whether they are developed or not will depend upon the run of the college show.
He says, “If the college show works, then maybe there’s an appetite for more spin-offs, “But I think we’re in no rush because this only works if each show is totally different than the other, and we maintain the same level of quality as The Boys. Otherwise, it’s sort of like, what’s the point of doing it? We’re trying really hard to not be scum f— sellouts. We’re trying really hard to make sure that each show or each idea would be something we just want to do on our own anyway, whether The Boys was connected to it or not.”


The Boys Spin Off Gen V
Billy Butcher and Soldier Boy in Herogasm | credits Amazon Studios press |

“I think the actors are, across the board, really appealing and complicated. It’s a fascinating experiment because it really is so different than The Boys. It’s the same universe, same tone, lots of (profanity) jokes, and there’s some mystery elements. But at the end of the day, it’s a college show, whereas The Boys is a cop show. It’s just weird to be like, ‘You like NCIS? Well, here’s Felicity.'” says Eric. How The Boys spin-off does will go on to set up the future for The Boys verse, if it is even a thing.

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