The Callisto Protocol will feature six months’ worth of content starting on February 7, 2023, along with a free update for Hardcore Mode and New Game+. More information on this and the Season Pass is here in this article.

The Callisto Protocol, the Dead Space series’ successor, premiered after several years in development, but it wasn’t quite the excellent result we were looking for. Even though it is somewhat stressful, it is a gripping, linear sci-fi survival horror. The game’s significant stuttering issues when it first appeared on Steam were a major problem, but that problem has now been fixed.

Upcoming free DLC Schedule + What’s new?

  • A Hardcore Mode and New Game Plus are two upcoming pieces of free DLC. These will be available beginning on February 7.
    • Players can also purchase the Outer Way skin collection.
  • The Contagion Bundle will be available in March 2023.
    • Will include perma-death mode.
  • Lastly, Riot Bundle will be available in Spring 2023, as part of The Callisto Protocol’s season pass.
    • A new wave will also be available in the unexplored area of Black Iron Prison.

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Patch: Then and Now

With the addition of the ability to bypass death animations and some of these things feeling like they take days, a recent patch has simplified various aspects of the game’s fighting system.

  • Healing is now easier, which is the biggest change to the game. Jacob uses a stim to poke his neck in order to heal, but at launch, the animation was overly sluggish, making it difficult to heal in the middle of a battle.
  • The switching of weapons is also quicker now. As a result, it appears that battle is becoming a little less stressful overall.

Started with Bad Reviews

  • After around 10,000 player reviews on Steam, the game now has a “Mixed” rating, with the majority of critical posts criticizing the game’s technical flaws. Since its release, The Callisto Protocol has drawn criticism for its performance from PC gamers on YouTube, Reddit, and other online communities.
    • It seems as though the game gives you resources that it doesn’t really want you to use and then penalizes you for doing so. Melee fighting isn’t efficient or lethal enough to become the logical option in any setting, although the game itself does not make it obvious that Callisto is a melee experience.
    • You’ll find yourself hitting the left button far too frequently, desperately switching between two guns that have no ammo, and getting upset that you can’t access other weapons.
    • The reticle and ammo guessing game is frequently fatal in the middle of battles with several foes, and it is incredibly frustrating.

  • In the space horror game The Callisto Protocol, you will encounter a variety of super-powerful Biophages that will kill you at any moment. The Callisto Protocol’s toughest difficulty also comes with the customary trophy or award, however, moving further can be challenging for those aiming for 100% completion.
    • Additionally, some gamers are requesting that the developers provide a cutscene skip option. Some players don’t feel enthusiastic about a re-run for 100% completion because of the unskippable cutscenes.
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