Kim Seon-Ho's silhouette in the poster of The Childe
Kim Seon-Ho's debut movie The Childe's poster released (Image Kim Seon-Ho and The Childe)

Kim Seon-ho’s debut movie, The Childe, released its first poster on March 13. It was showcased at the 2023 Hong Kong International Film and TV Market (FILMART).

This will be the first film of famous actor Kim Seon-ho. The poster’s release sent fans into a tizzy the moment the official update for the movie dropped. Taking instantly to Twitter to express their excitement, they cheered for the poster and tweeted their thoughts about the much-anticipated movie.

The black and blue poster of The Childe was much loved by the fans since it displays Kim Seon-ho’s silhouette in which he seems to be whistling. It introduces the actor as Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha’s Kim Seon-ho, a series that was a global phenomenon and one that solidified his acting career. Furthermore, the official synopsis for the movie reads “A boxer is haunted by a mysterious unit, Who are they? Why are they chasing him?” 

What is Kim Seon-ho’s debut film The Childe about? Exploring the story and more as fans cheer on

The plot of The Childe revolves around the dreams and ambitions of a struggling boxer. It is a Korean action-noir directed by Park Hoon-jung. The protagonist comes to Korea to find his father after his mother falls sick. However, he runs into a gang of mysterious people that take chase after him.

The cast of The Childe

Apart from starring Kim Seon-ho, The Childe boasts of a stellar cast that includes names like Kim Kang-Woo, Go Ah-Ra, and Kang Tae-Joo. The movie is directed by Park Hoon-Jung, who is known for his remarkable projects such as I Saw The Devil and The Unjust.

It was initially named Sad Tropics or Sad Tropical. However, it was officially changed to The Childe and will be distributed by Next Entertainment World. There has been no announcement of a release date as of yet.

Fans express their excitement for The Childe

Fans applauded Kim Seon-ho’s success alongside the poster of The Childe by taking to Twitter. The number of tweets that the poster garnered about itself goes on to prove his popularity as a globally acclaimed actor. 

The artist has carved a niche for himself in the Korean entertainment industry, becoming one of the most promising faces in today’s media. The actor shot to international recognition after he starred in Start-Up.

However, Seon-ho’s appearance in the Netflix romantic drama Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha was a pivotal moment in his career that gave it the foundation of critical acclaim. In the series, he was featured opposite Shin Min-ah and both were able to create a sizzling chemistry that won millions of hearts across the world. Seon-ho has also appeared in several other K-dramas such as 100 Days My Prince, Catch The Ghost, and Good Manager.

Additionally, he will also be reportedly playing the lead role in the upcoming historical drama Haesi’s Shinru.  

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