Screengrab Courtesy of Square Enix via YouTube

To people who love Role-Playing Games (RPG), there is another game to discover and look forward to. Square Enix is preparing to release a new RPG this year called The DioField Chronicle. 

Square Enix first announced The DioField Chronicle earlier in March of this year and now, there is new information released about the game. So read more to find out what we know so far.

What is The DioField Chronicle about?

Let us know first about The DioField Chronicle game. It is a Japanese RPG that has a mix of fantasy, medieval, and modern-day concepts. The game features a story of elite mercenaries named the “Blue Fox” who tries to overcome the chaos that lies ahead in their journey from DioField island.

“Deep, Strategic Real-Time Battles” and “Realistic “Diorama”-Style Battle Scenes” are also featured in the game. Its description for the battle scenes is certainly evident with its great graphics from the official trailer here.

Screengrab Courtesy of Square Enix via YouTube
Meet the characters of The DioField Chronicle

Now that we know a bit about the game. Let’s meet the four heads of the Blue Fox characters who are going to bring the magic to the game.

Andrias is the leader of Blue Fox who is known to be a nobleman yet cool and calm. He also knows strategy and tactics and is fluent in Ancient Sorcery.

Screengrab Courtesy of Square Enix via YouTube
  • Fredret Lester

Fredret is known to be a kind-hearted, passionate person and has strong physical strength. He is friends with Andrias for a very long time since they were kids.

Screengrab Courtesy of Square Enix via YouTube
  • Iscarion Colchester

Iscarion is known to be a knight-errant who cares a lot and helps people who are in need. He is also gifted with archery skills.

Screengrab Courtesy of Square Enix via YouTube
  • Waltaquin Redditch

Waltaquin is known to be an intelligent noblewoman. She also knows magic and Ancient Sorcery.

Screengrab Courtesy of Square Enix via YouTube

These are all four heads of the Blue Fox with promising attributes. Each of them has interesting abilities that can be useful in their journey that we can look forward to.

When is the release date of The DioField Chronicle?

Along with the release of its official trailer, it was announced that the game is set to be released on September 9, 2022, worldwide.

What are the available devices for The DioField Chronicle?

The game is going to be available on PS4, PS5, Xbox devices, Nintendo Switch, and Steam for PC.

You can now pre-order the game here.

To know more information about the game, you can look here.

Square Enix is yet to amaze its fans once again with The DioField Chronicle. So make sure to look forward to it and wait for further updates on their official social media accounts.

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