The Division 2 Has A Scheduled Maintenance On July 26

Less than three days after the last maintenance of the servers, Ubisoft announces the implementation of new maintenance for The Division 2.

Decidedly, Massive Entertainment’s teams do not mind and want to make the community experience on The Division 2 as perfect and complete as possible. Just two days ago, the game’s servers underwent maintenance for several hours, including launching Episode 1 of the DLC Outskirts: Expeditions.

It was also an opportunity for the studio to deploy version 1.10 of the game. Weighing 9.6 GB on PlayStation 4 (the size may vary depending on the support), this update has not only allowed putting in place all the new content announced (new missions, new game modes, new weapons, new elements of customization), but it has also been used to make many readjustments in the gameplay and correct a number of bugs.

However, this update was obviously not enough for teams who have just announced on their official Twitter account of the game that new maintenance would be performed from 9:30 AM CEST and for a duration of about 3 hours.

At present, we do not know exactly what this new update will be. Given the magnitude of the previous one that has just been deployed, it is unlikely to be a patch of the same scale. No doubt Massive Entertainment have heard about some unpatched bugs or, on the contrary, new bugs related to the update, and have therefore planned to remedy it as soon as possible. It would not be the first time such a thing has happened after such major maintenance.

We recall that the streets of Washington DC will be temporarily inaccessible between 9:30 and 12:30, and it will be necessary to install the new update before you can go back.

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