The Division 2’s First New Free Episode Is Available

The first free episode of The Division 2, DC Outskirts: Expeditions, is finally available in early access for those with the Year 1 Pass. For all others, it will be possible to access them starting July 30th. The update weighs about 9 GB. This new Episode contains two Story missions, a new Shipping mode and two exclusive Top Secret Tasks for Year 1 Pass holders. This episode of The Division 2 takes us to visit the Manning National Zoo and a new Black Tusks base hidden in the woods.

Obviously, there is no lack of new equipment and weapons like the exotic Diamondback rifle that allows you to mark opponents to inflict critical blows. It is also equipped with a higher charging speed and increased damage. You also get an armor bonus every time you recharge. If the weapon is in the holster, you get a bonus of eight percent on the armor when you reload or change weapons.

A pair of BTSU exotic gloves have also been introduced which gives abilities a + 50% duration of effects and speeds up recharging. When applying a status effect, the gloves become enhanced and become infusions for one minute. During this period, you get a 10% bonus on skill damage, care, repair and skill duration for each advantage in the equipment.

Then there will also be some more regular weapons, such as an assault rifle and an LMG, as well as a gun torch in the form of an accessory. Then there were some adjustments to the game balance. You can find all the specific details in the notes patch available at this address. Tell us, what do you think of The Division 2?

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