The Everything Brahmastra Review Know before you go

Let us face it – everything gets complicated when the Brahmastra review of its plot and concept becomes a topic of conversation. Some people love it, some people hate it, and most people love to hate it. Three very different things, however. Why? Let us talk about the Brahmastra plot, Brahmastra spoilers, and most importantly, the origin of Brahmastra.

(This is a Spoiler Discussion – Certain parts of the plot will be discussed in this article)

The Everything Brahmastra Review: Know before you go
Image Courtesy: Dharma Productions

Most of us have by now seen enough Brahmamastra reviews to know more or less what does story is about.

In this story, there are weapons that the Rishis excavated prehistorically, and where the origin of Brahmastra lies. There are the protectors of the broken pieces of this master weapon; there is Isha, a beautiful young lady – and there is Shiva, a supposed orphan around whom the story continues to revolve.

Sounds interesting till now doesn’t it? Well here’s what the creators have done with it.

The ultimate Brahmastra review: Brahmastra spoilers your heart was hoping for

Of course, there are some people who love spoilers – and I come in this very category. So when I am talking about the Brahmastra plot and origin, no one needs to hold back!

  • Brahmastra Romance is sweet – but surface level

Brahmastra romance is sweet – no cliche conflicts, no over-the-top attempts at courting, and no need to focus too much on objectification or justification.

There are four confessions – from Shiva asking Isha what her surname was after revealing that you wanted to take his wife’s, to Isha telling him without any hesitation that she was in fact in love – all four of them are well done. But that is all.

The romance predominantly exists within Shiva’s head. From the moment he sets eyes on her it’s a fairy tale story. His Guru even tells him that Isha is simply a ‘zariya’ or mode, for him to experience his superpower through the power of love.

The romance is surface level and sometimes dampens the mood for viewers who are there to simply enjoy an action thriller.

  • Bad writing – some great lines

I never got over the fact that the first few scenes continuously kept sounding like a dubbed version of a Hollywood action movie. Junoon (that’s the name of our bad guy) keeps calling the three protectors of the Brahmastra as

  • Scientist
  • Artist
  • Guru

Exactly. That’s it. For a moment it might make you wonder if the first draft did not reach the production house. More irritatingly all three of them do have actual names; those names are simply not used while writing dialogues.

One has to agree there are a few very good lines in the movie. Most of them come in the second half and are easy to miss. Here are a few more Brahmastra spoilers for you.

‘Fear extinguishes love. If you have chosen love, accept the fear. Give love to your fear.’ ‘Fire destroys everything until you learn how to control it. Then it lights everything up.’ ‘The power of Brahmastra must submit to love’

( These are my personal translations, not lines I picked up from the English version. That would be insufferable.)

  • Brahmastra plot – the core of every Brahmastra review

For me, the Brahmastra plot was never as bad as most people seem to suggest. It is a great concept, but execution rapidly deteriorates. Almost every Brahmastra review has called the movie a children’s movie, and there is a fair reason for that.

The Everything Brahmastra Review Know before you go
Image Courtesy: Dharma Productions

The story is very simple. Boy has pyrophobia, Boy also has the power to control fire. Boy meets girl, he starts getting visions. With no actual compulsion to do so, they both set out to save some people who are in trouble (at this point no one has an inclination to think they are capable of doing so). With one stop on the way, they reach their final destination at the Guru, where they are followed by the bad guys. Capture, conflict, climax – with two scenes where Shiva figures out who his real parents were.

There are some twists and turns in this movie that will come as a pleasant surprise but the shock factor is missing.

  • VFX is great – the VFX Brahmastra review

The VFX has been a great thing for people who wanted to watch Brahmastra. It is indeed good, especially considering this was a Bollywood movie and probably one of the first attempts to create a VFX of the scale.

However, most franchises of this sort rely on a clever and unique color palette which sets their VFX apart from others. I personally found a color palette missing from this movie. Inspiration has its origins directly from certain very popular movie franchises including MCU, The Avengers.

Without leaning on any particular color palette (I would like to remind readers that the cultural heritage of India allows for multiple unique color palettes) for most people the VFX was simply saturation.

The best VFX Brahmastra review I ever got was from a friend who caught the night show and said “I would fall asleep, then a beam of light would flash across the screen and I would wake up. I would fall asleep again and then there would be so much red on the screen that I would wake up once more.”

  • Brahmastra review verdict – no compulsion

Brahmastra plot, Brahmastra spoilers, casting beauty – no matter what I list out, the end is already clear. Is there anything extraordinary in the movie? No. Is there a compulsion to watch it? No. Does SRK sound and act too much like Tony Stark? Probably.

For someone like me who hates going to movie halls and spending a large amount of money on tickets and popcorn (mostly not getting the popcorn and being too hungry), I would have liked for a Brahmastra plot review to have just told me to watch it at home. And that’s what I am going to say to you.

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