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The First Responders K-drama by SBS network has been steadily gaining ratings. The drama is filled with thrill and suspense. Regarding one of the major plots related to Kim Rae-won’s character, SBS has released information. Let’s take a look.

In the upcoming Episode number 06, we find Jin Ho-gae played by Kim Rae-won entering the detention center. Jin Ho-gae is a reputable police officer who follows forensic profiling to catch notorious criminals. Yet he is arrested for an Arson case.

The reason behind Kim-Rae-won’s arrest

In the last 5 episodes, we have seen Kim Rae-won chasing and failing to catch the character Choi Seok-du. The history of the case slowly unfolds keeping the suspense element alive. And in Episode 06 Kim Rae-won receives a mysterious call and we find him going somewhere. Right after the news is released of his capture in an Arson case. It is natural to suspect both of the events are related.

After his arrest, Kim Rae-won enters the detention center, a place filled with criminals who hold grudges again him. He holds the humiliation in his eyes while walking into the center. The people inside gather around him and a bloody fight follows adding a noir element to the K-drama.

The story so far

The First Responders A.K.A The police station next to the fire station is an ongoing drama airing on the SBS network. It follows the policeman Jin Ho-gae often called Jindo Dog as he solves intriguing crime cases. These crime cases are intriguing because they need assistance from Taewon’s emergency fire department run with the help of Firefighter Bong Do-jin and Paramedic Song Seol. Hence, we get to see the synergy of the Police department, Firefighter department, and Emergency paramedics.

In the previous 05 episodes they have tackled a case of kidnapping by a serial killer and cannibalism, a suspicious suicide of a teenage girl due to drinking reed-killer, a gruesome case of arson with a missing person, and the case of a bus stop hit and run where things just couldn’t add up. Each of the cases introduces various information related to medical science, fire emergencies, and criminal law.

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Main cast and where to stream

The first responders is a 14-episode drama by the SBS network. It stars Kim Rae-won from the famous medical drama ‘Doctors’ as Jin Ho-gae, the stubborn police detective with a knack for biting criminals. Along with him, starring Gong Seung-Hyun famous for her drama ‘Are you human?’ is the sensible paramedic who places the importance of least harm to the victim as a priority above catching the criminal. And Son Ho-jun is widely acknowledged for his character from ‘Reply 1994’ here he plays the level-headed firefighter often called ‘the firetruck’

This drama also stars So Hyun-chul, Kang Ki-dung, and Jin-woo as the supporting cast. The drama has already announced its second season also consisting of 14 episodes to release in the second half of 2023. Currently, it is available to stream on Disney+ Hotstar with new episodes released every Friday and Saturday.

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