The world had not seen enough of Stephen Amell. Whether it be his ventures as the Green Arrow, or simply as a wrestling ring owner in the series Heels. In what was one of the arrowverse’s most tragic turns, fans witnessed a bidding farewell to the originator of ‘arrow’verse. But in an odd turn of events, a recent Instagram post by the actor has turned fans into quite a joy. How will Arrow Return in The Flash Season 9?

The Flash Season 9 is the last season

How will green arrow return in The Flash Season 9?
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The Flash has been CW’s one of the good investment. I mean after Arrow, the only series that hit so well was The Flash. Although Superman and Lois are now in the spotlight. After a dubious run, it seems The Flash is also running out of juice in its 9th season.

Barry Allen has had quite a run to tell his story, and the actor Grant Gustin has done him justice. But the hero of the arrowverse has always been, you name it, the Arrow. Although in different seasons he’s sometimes been Green too. That makes you wonder why he’s not black. Nevermind.

Stephen Amell returns as The Green Arrow

Stephen Amell Return as Green Arrow
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The actor (Stephen Amell) took to his Instagram to smile with a big pause. Starting to show the light in his eyes, he addressed the world about how Showrunner Greg Berlanti called him up. And even before Greg could finish proposing, Amell apparently was in the yes.

This comes in contrast to his previous Instagram video shortly before The Arrow’s final season. That video saw Stephen Amell tearing up in a gush of gratitude and emotion, as he bid his fans farewell. The fans also loved how his arc got its ending. The crisis on multiple piles of earth storyline is easily one of the finest written Superhero series storylines.

The Arrow began the Arrowverse

Stephen Amell began the Arrowverse of CW as Oliver Queen in the eight seasons that ran from 2012 to 2020. The Arrowverse is a TV DC universe that has connected villains and heroes that originate from The Flash, Arrow, and Supergirl. Although it also extended to DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

So how will Green Arrow in The Flash Season 9 work out? That’s up to anyone’s wild guess. And here are our wild guesses

1. Another Earth Oliver Queen 

Remember Laurel (Black Canary) was on Arrow for 4 seasons? And then boom! Laurel (Black Siren) from Earth-2 comes on as the heel self of Laurel and takes over our main universe. That’s one possibility. Given that the Multiverse in Arrowverse is real.

2. Time Travelling Oliver Queen

In Legends of Tomorrow, we bid farewell to our Prison Break actor who portrays Captain Cold. But in a The Flash episode named Infantino Street, he is brought back. Barry travels back in time to get a Captain Cold before his death. And with The Flash, a time-traveling scenario is just about Barry running super fast. Like, real super-light speed fast.

3. Flashbacks 

Another way to bring him back is simply to show a montage of him or to show his flashback. There’s plenty to remember about the hero who gave his life to save the world.

4. Appearance as Spectre

By the end of his Arrow Season 8, Oliver Queen became the new spectre. As such, it is likely he could still make a periodic appearance with Barry during his session in the Speed Force, or in his dreams.

5. Reborn as Spectre/ Saved by Another Entity

Another possibility is that some force saved him just before he died. Maybe by creating a copy of his consciousness. Another possibility is that he is reborn using his Spectre powers.

What the fans had to say about his return

Stephen Amell returns as Green Arrow in his announcement video. And then he goes on to thank Greg and continued to thank Eric Wallace. He also thanked Grant, Candice, and Danielle, the main players of the Flash cast. He also concluded the fans that he won’t be saying anything. He asked them to not ask him anything at all and to just await his epic return.

  • Few of the fans took to the comment to mention how his character had one of the finest ending one character could have. And they requested him not to ruin his character’s conclusion for some epic fanservice.

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