The Gimmicks NFT Allow List, Mint Date, and More

The Gimmicks is an animated NFT series featuring prominent figures in the world of wrestling. Wrestlers Karl Anderson, Luke “Doc” Gallows, nZo (Enzo Amore), and Rocky Romero star in The Gimmicks.

What is The Gimmicks?

The Gimmicks revolves around the lives of three wrestling has-beens as they try and come up with ways to regain their fame. So, they set their sights on a rookie and include him on their team in hopes that they could get back into the Wrestling Wrestling Wrestling League.

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The first episode of The Gimmicks drops today and from what we know so far, the story is ‘community-driven.’ What this means is those who purchased a The Gimmicks NFT get the privilege to vote on how the story of the animated series will go. Furthermore, the series’ official Twitter account elaborated on holders’ right to vote.

After every episode, NFT holders can vote through a poll

Because episodes release on a weekly basis, this gives the show’s creators enough time to collect the votes cast by the NFT holders. Afterward, they can then have the show’s plot follow the choice with the most votes. What’s more, is each episode will allegedly end on a cliffhanger to not limit the show story-wise. Holders can access the poll through on-chain voting.

Image Courtesy of The Gimmicks

The Gimmicks NFTs are free

Interested holders can get Gimmicks NFTs for free if they have a Solana wallet. However, the Allow List is now closed due to a high number of interested holders. The public minting was originally scheduled for March 18 but because of the overwhelming response the series received from the community, it is rescheduled to Tuesday, March 22.

If you’d like to keep yourself updated with the latest news about The Gimmicks, check out their official website and official Twitter account for more information.

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