The Kardashians Season 4: Kim and Kourtney Feud Explained

The Kardashians: Kim and Kourtney Feud Explained

The Kardashians has unveiled Kim and Kourtney’s renewed feud in its newly released fourth season. The two still care for each other as sisters but often find themselves in a beef for different reasons. And their recent grumble, a heated phone call that reignites their misunderstanding.

The Kim and Kourtney Feud in The Kardashians Season 4

The Kardashians Season 4 might only be starting, but it already featured the explosive fight between Kim and Kourtney. Everything began last season when Kim partnered with Dolce & Gabbana after its founders, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, dressed Kourtney for her wedding to Travis Barker in 2022. Sure, it might only be a coincidence, but the Poosh owner believed her sister used that special event in her life as a business opportunity.

Though the two had already worked out their differences in the show’s third season, it was reignited when they watched it again. The sisters had a phone call where Kourtney said seeing their feud’s footage made her “not want to be around.” From there, an argument started again.

Kim and Kourtney continued their exchange of words. And while they were to explain each other’s side, Kanye West’s ex revealed a group chat with Kourtney’s friends, who had allegedly been complaining about her. As this came as a huge surprise, with the revelation that even Kourtney’s kids have reached out about their issues with their mom, the situation continued to spiral downward.

Kim and Kourtney Feud Explained

With the tense situation between Kim and Kourtney, the latter couldn’t help but break down. The latest revelations about her friends and kids took a toll on her, making her feel like everyone was against her. By the looks of it, Kourtney’s hate toward the Skims founder has a deeper meaning. They have even gone through a physical fight in an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 18, but their feud doesn’t stop there.

Compared to that altercation, their recent brawl is even much worse, with Kourtney telling Kim that she’s the reason she wasn’t happy and calling her a narcissist. And to add more injury to the wound, she even told her she’s happy when she’s not talking to her and when they’re not with her family, specifically Kim.

No one knows where this hate comes from, but Kim has reiterated that she’s only concerned about her sister. And as this turn of events is completely saddening, we hope everything will be fine between the two.

Will Kim and Kourtney Ever Get Along?

It’s no secret that Kim and Kourtney have been having a rocky relationship over the years. But after every feud, they try to make things out between themselves. In fact, after the Dolce & Gabbana controversy, the two hashed it out in the July 20 episode of The Kardashians.

They sat down their differences and talked heart-to-heart to fix their problems. At the time, Kourtney said she wanted to have a relationship with her sisters where they cared about each other’s feelings. Kim, alternatively, explained that she was only competing with herself and not against anyone. And despite their heated exchange, she stressed that she heard her and her family over everything.

That said, Kim and Kourtney may again work out on their recent issue just like before. Though it may take time before that happens, they will surely get along then.

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