The Last of Us 2
Courtesy of Naughty Dog, Sony Interactive Entertainment

Responding to The Last of Us 2 leaks, developer Naughty Dog said, “It’s disappointing” and requests everyone to do their best to avoid spoilers.

In the last few days, we saw many The Last of Us 2 (or The Last of Us Part II) leaks. Most of them were true and we even had pre-release footage from development. In response to those, Sony wiped out all the leaked material and sent legal notices to the websites that still had them running. Reddit’s Legal Operations Team took down the initial thread to respect Sony’s requests.

Yesterday, Sony dropped an announcement post on PlayStation Blog with the new release date for the game. The Last of Us Part II will now arrive on June 19, and hopefully, this time, it’s final. Following the announcement, Naughty Dog issued a statement regarding the leaks and asking everyone to avoid spoilers. Here’s the statement –

We know the last few days have been incredibly difficult for you. We feel the same. It’s disappointing to see the release and sharing of pre-release footage from development. Do your best to avoid spoilers and we ask that you don’t spoil it for others.

The Last of Us Part II will be in your hands soon. No matter what you see and hear, the final experience will be worth it.

Naughty Dog

So, here’s the real question. How do you actually avoid spoilers?

In my own experience, I dug through several websites to find leaked footage and details. It’s not easily available at the moment as Sony did a great job in removing traces of it. You’d, however, end up with images with heavy spoilers while scrolling through your social media feed, be it Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Some people are deliberately trying to spoil the game for others now because they think, it’s cool and fun.

My advice would be to stop following any pages/accounts, YouTube channels, or even websites with mentions of The Last of Us Part II. Although I feel there’s more to the game than what we saw in the leaks, and there’d certainly be twists and turns, it’s safe to assume that many of you don’t want to ruin a beautiful narrative experience. I had to do it so I could warn you, and hence, it’s time you keep social distancing from anything The Last of Us Part II.

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