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A script draft for The Last of Us Part III has been written, according to a recent claim. Developer Naughty Dog has already begun designing the next part in its popular post-apocalyptic franchise. This is of course according to a tip via insider and Twitter user Oops Leaks.

Because of Naughty Dog’s recent growth, the leaker speculates that development on the game would start sooner than expected. Until the studio makes an official announcement, all leaks should be taken with skepticism.

OG Remake + Part III Production

Naughty Dog has also been said to be working on a complete remake of The Last of Us for quite some time, with a release date set for later this year. However, it doesn’t appear that this has slowed down production on TLOU: Part III, as an insider believes that the outline of the script is complete and that production might proceed quicker than expected.

The studio is now involved in other projects, according to the report, even though an early version of a script for The Last of Us Part III is complete.

Oops Leaks, a Twitter user, and an insider has published information on Sony’s acquired company Naughty Dog, including specifics on upcoming games. According to the leak, Naughty Dog is working on an online game for TLOU, which was completely reinvented.

Naughty Dog is reportedly working on a fresh new IP with a “fantasy setting”. This is in addition to The Last of Us Multiplayer, according to the insider. The sequel to The Last of Us: Part III is said to have a script outline ready to go.

With the company rumored to be working on plenty of other titles, supporters shouldn’t anticipate seeing the Last of Us: Part III for a little while.

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