Image Courtesy of Troy Baker

The veteran and Prolific video game voice actor Troy Baker, best known for playing Joel in The Last of Us,  Fortnite, Death Stranding, and many more have announced on Twitter his partnership with Voiceverse, an NFT company. The company claims it will be turning AI-generated voices into NFTs.

The company utilizes artificial intelligence alongside a “high-functioning utility” to allow consumers ownership over voices that can be used in almost anything, from YouTube videos to, potentially, even video games. The concept has been met with criticism since it risks making voice actors, like Baker, obsolete. Why hire them if you can just buy their voice? Moreover, this would theoretically aim to devalue or even replace what he and his fellow voice actors do.

The partnership has put Troy Baker into controversy and the tone of the message took the controversy to next level he told followers, “You can hate. Or you can create.”

Troy Baker Apologizes

  • Fans are not at all happy with Troy baker’s decision. NFT’s are not environment friendly and also increase creative theft.  Moreover, NFTs are little more than a scam that is based on creating an illusion of rarity and uniqueness for DLC and other digital items.
  • However, there was some support also but the weight of criticism was more than the support.  Although he hasn’t given any indication that he’s rethinking his position. Baker has since apologized for his tone, admitting that the ‘hate/create’ part was too antagonistic.

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