The last of us Ep 6 menstrual cup explain menstruation apocalypse
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What do apocalypse and menstrual cups have in common? The Last of Us Episode 6. If you’re wondering how come, then here’s an explanation to clarify the connection between the two.

The last of us menstrual cup explain menstruation apocalypse
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Menstruation is one of the taboo topics that never made it into the general discussions. Making it seem like a normal thing is one of the ongoing battles while half of the population menstruates. The whole deed is often hidden sleekly in advertisements with blue water and unassuming women climbing mountains in white pants.

  • Tampons and pads remained unsuitable for television until 1972. They were banned by the National Association of Broadcasters from TV advertisements. Even after receiving a green chit, they never truly create their place in the larger part of society apart from advertisements.
  • As of 2023, menstruation remains hidden behind the spy names such as monthlies, time, period, moon cycle, and that time of the month. And this time, the cameo in The Last of Us creates buzz across all platforms.

Menstruation’s Cameo in The Last of Us

The smooth assimilation of pads and a menstrual cup in the show The Last of Us is iconic and worthy of praise. Out of all the things that make a person wonder how would I survive along with this in an apocalypse? Menstruation is high on the list. It is already hard to handle in a non-apocalyptic world, hence, it could only get worst in a situation like that.

  • Therefore, viewers could relate to Ellie’s joy of finding a box of Tampax Pearls in an episode of The Last of Us. Another reason that makes this appearance significant is its historical value, Tampax Pearls released in 2002 used plastic instead of cardboard for the applicator making it a bit more comfortable.
  • The Last of Us writers progresses further in Episode 6 when Ellie gets a menstrual cup. Fans discovered it was DivaCup considering they were the only prominent manufacturer of menstrual cups at that time.
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Why is the menstrual cup so significant in The Last of Us?

The menstruation apparatuses such as pads and tampons need changing every couple of hours, which could be a nuisance during the battle for survival in the apocalypse.

  • On the other hand, menstrual cups last 12 hours until they need to be cleaned. It is the best product to own if you are fighting half-dead without a schedule. Of course, DivaCups can expire and need replacement every few years. However, Ellie’s was presumably new and with proper care, the silicon wonder can even last for 10 years.
  • Tampons, on the other hand, last for only five years, even when unopened. They can turn into a bunker for bacteria or mold causing toxic shock syndrome. Ellie survived The Last of Us’ dangers for more than 14 years, nobody would like to see her lose to a fatal tampon.
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  • It is these little details that make menstrual cups’ cameo in The Last of Us Episode 6 so significant. It is rare to see a mention of menses in any television show unless for comic purposes. The Last of Us dealt with the hygiene requirement sensibly without surrounding it with unnecessary glory or mockery.

It is a major step ahead of eradicating taboos from this annoying, painful, and yet completely normal physical occurrence. For more entertainment news that you wouldn’t want to miss, make sure to follow Spiel Times.

 SOURCE: Polygon
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