The Last of Us Part II Review
Ellie on her way to Seattle

The Last of Us Part 2 had one of the best openings for a PS4 game all across the globe. From the United Kingdom and now to Japan, the game smashed all sales charts. A new source states that The Last of Us Part 2 sold 179K retail units in its first week in Japan.

The information comes from Famitsu, Japan’s leading gaming journalism website. Although the numbers aren’t as impressive compared to what Pokemon games or Animal Crossing: New Horizons has achieved, but it’s still a remarkable figure.

The first game, The Last of Us, saw 129,983 retail copies sold in its first week. The numbers could have been even better for The Last of Us Part 2 if there wasn’t a pandemic and global lockdown.

According to, The Last of Us Part 2 sold around 3.5-4 million copies in its first 3 days globally.

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