The Last of Us Part II
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Update (2nd July): The retails sales data for The Last of Us Part II in Japan are out. The sales dropped 85% week-on-week in Japan.

The Last of Us Part II sold around 4 million copies in its first 3 days. With that number, the game became the fastest-selling game for the PS4. Its sales, however, have dropped 80% week-on-week, which is a huge fall. Although sales drops aren’t unusual after the first week, the disparity between The Last of Us Part II and other first-party titles is significant.

The figures are for the United Kingdom, as compiled by GfK. Keep in mind these are based on boxed sales only and not digital sales figures. Although The Last of Us Part II was the #1 game last week, the game’s sales dropped by a huge margin. The game has topped the UK charts for two consecutive weeks for now but is likely to lose its place next week.

As mentions, although 80% is a huge fall, it’s not unusual for a game that sold so well during its first week.

To compare the figures, Uncharted 4, another Naughty Dog game, saw a 78% drop in sales during its second week. In contrast, Marvel’s Spider-Man boxed sales dropped by 42% in its second week with God of War seeing a 35% fall in sales. Days Gone, on the other hand, saw a 60% drop.

Editor’s Note: I added more comparisons based on the feedback of Dark Titan Enterprises. In the original article, I just mentioned what wrote about Uncharted 4. More sales figures will help you analyze the data and The Last of Us Part II’s sales even better.

Interestingly though, people who haven’t played the first The Last of Us game are buying the game rapidly. In boxed sales, The Last of Us: Remastered for the PS4 saw an 82% rise in sales week-on-week.

The Last of Us Part II is the #1 game in UK’s last week’s sales chart while The Last of Us: Remastered was at #9, which is a surprising achievement for Naughty Dog.

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      • I played Days Gone with the lowest of expectations, and it was surprisingly enjoyable. I only watched the cutscenes of TLoU2. It’d be unfair for me to comment on its gameplay. I can safely say TLoU2’s story was absolutely terrible.


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