If you’re a Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom player, you have most definitely begun your search for the Goddess Statues spread throughout the entire map of TotK. Nintendo’s latest instalment in the Zelda franchise has gamers on the edge of their seats as they try to solve the numerous puzzles, collect rewards, etc that the game offers. One of the most important elements in the game is the Goddess Statue. It is essential to make the gaming experience on Tears of the Kingdom easier and more fun (we’ll see why). In this guide, I have included all the locations of the 12 Goddess Statues that can be found in TotK. Make sure to visit all of them and claim your rewards.

Discover the Goddess Statues in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom!

What are Goddess Statues and why are they important

In Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Goddess Statues are considered one of the most important elements in-game. Because for every 4 Light of Blessings, you obtain after completing Shrines, you can offer them to a Goddess Statue. Here, Link can increase either his Hearts or Stamina Wheel. These upgrades are crucial as you embark on a journey to save Hyrule.

Where to find the 12 Goddess Statues

In Zelda: TotK, a Goddess Statue won’t appear out of nowhere when you complete a Shrine. You have to search for them throughout Hyrule.

Despite being a very fun task, it can be pretty time-consuming too. Don’t worry because we got you covered. Below are the key locations of the 12 Goddess Statues that you can find in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.


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01 Zelda: TOTK | Goddess Statues' Location

The Temple of Time – Great Sky Island

02 Zelda: TOTK | Statues' Location Emergency Shelter – Lookout Landing
03 Zelda: TOTK | Goddess Statues' Location Rito Village – Tabantha Frontier
04 Zelda: TOTK | Statues' Location Gerudo Town – Gerudo Desert
05 Zelda: TOTK | Goddess Statues' Location Goron City – Eldin Region
06 Zelda: TOTK | Goddess Statues' Location Zora’s Domain – Lanayru Region
07 Zelda: TOTK | Statues' Location Hateno Village – Hateno Region
08 Zelda: TOTK | Statues' Location Kakariko Village – Dueling Peaks Region
09  Lurelin Village Lurelin Village – Faron Region
10 Tarrey Town Tarrey Town – Akkala Region
11 Zelda: TOTK | Korok Forest Korok Forest – Woodland Region
12 Goddess Statues' Location Temple of Time Ruins – Great Plateau Region
  1. The Temple of Time – Great Sky Island. 

    This Goddess Statue can be located in the Temple of Time on the Great Sky Island. Here’s a guide on how to unlock the Temple of Time in Zelda: TotK, in case you’re having any trouble with it.

  2. Emergency Shelter – Lookout Landing

    The Emergency Shelter in Lookout Landing contains a Goddess Statue that is situated underground. To open the locked shelter, talk to the guard standing right beside it. After unlocking proceed down to the dimly lit chamber with the help of the ladder to find the statue.

  3. Rito Village – Tabantha Frontier

    Under the beautiful mountains of the Rito Village Chasm lies the next Goddess Statue. Climb up the wooden stairs that you’ll see on reaching the location to find the statue.

  4. Gerudo Town – Gerudo Desert

    Upon reaching the location, paraglide down to the opening between the stairs. This will lead you to an underground chamber. On your left will be the next statue.

  5. Goron City – Eldin Region
    Climb up the mountain till find the next Goddess Statue in between a green and red colored lamp.
  6. Zora’s Domain – Lanayru Region

    This Goddess Statue is located right beneath, in the middle of the two-way staircase.

  7. Hateno Village – Hateno Region

    Beside the white-colored house in the Hateno village near the campfire, you will find the next Goddess Statue.

  8. Kakariko Village – Dueling Peaks Region

    The next statue, surrounded by four lit torches in the middle of the small pond in Kakariko Village, awaits your discovery.

  9. Lurelin Village – Faron Region

    On the shores of the sea, you can find the next statue under the fence. You will be able to spot an NPC praying to the Goddess Statue.

  10. Tarrey Town – Akkala Region

    Located near the pillar with a bell on top, the next statue is located at the edge of Tarrey Town. You can also find Link’s Home in this area.

  11. Korok Forest – Woodland Region

    Head deep into the woods of the Korok Forest and climb the tree to find a hole leading to the Deku Tree Chasm. The chamber within contains another Goddess Statue.

  12. Temple of Time Ruins – Great Plateau Region

    Keep in mind that this location is only accessible after the completion of the “Call from the Depths” side quest. At the center of the ruins, players can find the last of the Goddess Statues.

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These are the Goddess Statues in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. We’ve listed their respective locations to make this experience easier for you. Make sure to find all of them and increase your Health Containers and Stamina. These upgrades will be necessary as you progress in the game and face tough boss fights and harder quests. Best of luck on your journey to save Hyrule once again, heroes!

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