The Lord of the Rings MMO Will Be Developed By Amazon

Amazon Game Studios announced its new project: an MMO game based on the narrative universe of the Lord of the Rings, developed in collaboration with Leyou. This is a free to play game that will be released on both PC and console. The Lord of the Rings MMO had actually already been announced last year by Athlon Games, a company owned by Leyou. At the time, Athlon said he was working with a development partner that we now discover to be Amazon.

As reported by Athlon last fall, this new Lord of the Rings MMO takes place long before the events narrated in books and films and will allow you to discover lands, people and creatures never seen by fans of Tolkien’s universe. A description similar to the TV series is already in development, again at Amazon: however, as stated, the two projects are completely separate to each other.

The realities in the field, in any case, are already used to MMOs. Leyou, in particular, is the owner of Digital Extremes (Warframe developers), while Amazon Game Studios is already working on an MMO: New World.

The Lord of the Rings MMO is not the first massive online multiplayer dedicated to Tolkien’s narrative universe. In 2007, The Lord of the Rings Online was released. The game was also updated on October 2018, proving to be still active and followed. For now, there are no details on a release date for the new Amazon title. We will have to wait for new details.

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