The real image of the necklace found after 111 years
The real image of the necklace found after 111 years (Image via ITV)

In the RMS Titanic’s remains, the lost necklace that hasn’t been seen or worn since the ship sank was found. A deep-water investigative specialist produced 700,000 photographs of the wreck using two submarines as part of history’s greatest underwater scanning expedition. These images were then converted into a moving scan.

The pictures revealed the necklace that was created from an ancient shark tooth with gold embedded in it.

A Guernsey-based firm discovered the necklace

The actual photo of the Titanic
The actual photo of the Titanic (Image via Wikipedia)

The enormous, dazzling, extremely expensive necklace that Rose tossed into the water at the conclusion of Titanic is sort of real and has been discovered.

According to ITV, the real jewelry belonged to a passenger who was on the Titanic when it sank to the bottom of the Atlantic in 1912, just like the necklace in the movie.

The necklace had been lost to the wreckage for 111 years, never seen or worn. But it has now been discovered, thanks to technological improvements and the largest underwater scanning expedition in history.

The first full-sized digital scan of the ship that sank in the North Atlantic Ocean on April 15, 1912, after colliding with an iceberg, has been created. The Guernsey-based Magellan company discovered it.

The photographs showed the sharp point of the teeth of the shark. This serves as the major focus of the story among the ship’s framework, the furnishings, and other things now resting at the bottom of the water.

How much is it worth?

Rose wore the necklace in the Titanic movie
Rose wore the Heart of the Ocean in the Titanic movie (Image via Paramount Pictures)

Despite its incredible popularity, the Heart of the Ocean necklace from the Titanic movie is not real jewelry. The 45.52-carat Hope Diamond, a genuine diamond, served as the inspiration for the jewelry. One of the most expensive gems in the world, the Hope Diamond, is estimated to be worth 350 million dollars.

On the other hand, the cost of the newly-found necklace in the sunken Titanic has not been made public yet, one can easily guess the price. The real necklace doesn’t have the huge great blue diamond, but massive and expensive still.

  • This is because it is made from a Megalodon shark tooth and is encrusted with gold jewelry. If you think the diamond is expensive, imagine the expense of the actual necklace with a piece of a prehistoric shark’s body part.

Where is the necklace now?

Years ago, an agreement happened between the UK and the US. This agreement prevents people from removing any artifact from the place of a shipwreck and surrounding areas.

Therefore, the jewelry had to be left at the scene. This is because the Magellan team was not permitted to touch the wreckage on the ocean floor.

Magellan now utilizes artificial intelligence to get in touch with the families of the 2,200 passengers. These passengers were on the Titanic when it perished in an effort to locate the owner of the jewelry. This technology will examine footage of individuals entering the ship for facial recognition and clothing details.

What did some of the famous people say about the necklace? 

According to ITV, Magellan CEO Richard Parkinson called the discovery “astonishing, beautiful, and breathtaking.” Mr Parkinson said, “What is not widely understood is that the Titanic is in two parts, and there’s a three-square-mile debris field between the bow and the stern. The team mapped the field in such detail that we could pick out those details.”

The MV Freja, on which the scans were performed, was commanded by Jan Eliassen. He claimed that taking part in the endeavour was emotionally taxing. “I don’t think that one can really understand how that would have felt in the darkness of night when the ship you were on is sinking underneath you and entering the water,” he said.

Mandy Le Boutillier, a local expert on the Titanic, claimed that the photos’ quality is unparalleled. She said, “It is chilling when you see objects like a pair of shoes because there was once a body there. It makes you think, everybody talks about how the Titanic was a wonderful ship of dreams, but ultimately it’s a grave.”

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