The Marvels: Leaks, Release date, and Cast members, Will Goose the Cat return?

The Marvels cast, release date, leaks, goose the cat

Got some time MCU fans? The Marvels is set to come soon and it’s already the talk of the town. There have been a few leaks here and there about the plot while the release date and cast members have been revealed. If you haven’t been updated ever since about this MCU installment, you may want to check us out to know more. The title The Marvels refers to the three main superheroes in the film: Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, and Spectrum. The movie is still based on Marvel Comics, and this sounds exciting as female superheroes are leading the way for this upcoming Marvel film. Girl power!

The Marvels Cast, Crew, and Release date

It’s been four years since the Captain Marvel film was brought to the big screen, and now she’s coming with two more Marvel movies. We love to see it! Here’s the cast members of The Marvels:

  • Brie Larson is back as she plays Captain Marvel and Carol Danvers once again. Iman Vellani joins her as Ms. Marvel and Kamala Khan. Lastly, Teyonah Parris fills the third Marvel as Monica Rambeau.
The Marvels main cast
Image Courtesy of Getty Images via IMDB
  • Joining the three actresses, we’re seeing Nick Fury again portrayed by the one and only Samuel L. Jackson. A few more confirmed actors to join the line-up are Zawe Ashton who plays Dar-Benn, Park Seo-Joon, and Tony McCarthy.
  • As for the crew, Nia DaCosta heads the directing of the film. We have to thank Sarah Finn for the star-studded casting line-up. And of course, the writing credits belong to Roy Thomas and Gene Colan.

Release Date

To cut it short, if there won’t be delays for the film, we can happily enjoy it sometime in July 2023. According to IMDB, the expected post-production date would be July 28, 2023. So, in less than a year, we’ll see the three Marvels flying around multiverses. But what would the film be about?

The Marvels d23 expo
Image Courtesy of Marvel

The Leaks, and Goose the Cat

IMDB writes that The Marvels would be a sequel to the 2019 film Captain Marvel. We’re quite unsure if you’d like to hear a detailed storyline leak, but if you do, keep on reading.

Plot Leak (MAJOR spoilers ahead, if this is all true)

  • Two months ago via a Reddit post, The Marvels’ plot has been allegedly leaked. No confirmation yet if this is true, but by the detailed looks of it, it sure is.
  • Firstly, Zawe Ashton aka Dar-Benn is the antagonist of the film. Dar-Benn is the leader of the Kree, and it was mentioned that she saw how Captain Marvel attacked the Supreme Intelligence. Hence, The Annihilator nickname for Captain Marvel came to flesh.
The Marvels logo
Image Courtesy of Marvel
  • Simply put, the whole plot is about the power of the bangles. Dar-Benn needs the other to complete a powerful weapon (portals) but the other bangle belongs to Iman Vellano AKA Ms. Marvel.
  • That’s about the plot, we tried to keep it as shorter as possible but do yourself a favor and read the Reddit post if you’re still curious.
  • Also, the intriguing scene happened when the three Marvels started switching places. Here’s how it went:

“So Carol starts fighting Kree soldiers, and then begins switching with Kamala and Monica, and the Kree soldiers start switching with her. So at one point, Carol is on The Peak with Fury, while Kamala is at the peace summit, and Monica is fighting Kree soldiers in the Khan living room while the Khan family tries to hit them with brooms/fight them/runs around screaming. Very fun sequence. At the end, everyone – Fury included – ends up in the Khan living room, except Kamala. That ending scene in the Ms. Marvel show is a direct shot from The Marvels.”

Will Goose the Cat return?

Of course, Goose the Cat is set to return to The Marvels! This is confirmed through the D23 Expo when exclusive footage was shown to the audience. The footage revealed a terrified Ms. Marvel, along with the return of Goose the Cat. He’s probably entangled in the series because of the swallowed tesseract. Unfortunately, we still do not know what his role will be in the upcoming film. I guess all we can do right now is hang tight and wait for The Marvels to release.

Goose the Cat
Image Courtesy of Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki
  • Well, Goose the Cat won’t be alone. He’ll be bringing his kids with him as well.
  • Did you know that beneath that cute and fluffy exterior is something sinister? Goose the Cat can be scary when he wants to be. The upcoming movie may give us a backstory on these alien cats. We want to hear the story of the Flerkens, and we’re hoping we can get the origin soon. Can’t wait for that!

Here’s what we got, MCU fans! Ready to fly?

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