MultiVersus x the Matrix

Is anyone up for some MultiVersus news?  Recently we wrote about the possible coming of two new characters in the game — DC’s Black Adam and Gremlins’ Stripe. Moreover, there are more leaked and speculated characters to arrive in the world of MultiVersus, one of them being The Matrix. Yes, the one and only Neo in The Matrix series. Well, do you think that he’ll be a great addition to the roster in the game? You may read below for more information about The Matrix and other characters’ arrival in this fighting game!

Does MultiVersus confirm The Matrix character?

According to a data miner, AisulMV via Twitter posts a somehow similar iconic green text from the film series. This sparked some speculations on the arrival of The Matrix characters on MultiVersus. However, this has not yet been addressed or confirmed by Player First Games and/or Warner Bros. Games.

  • Additionally, AisulMV also leaked the possible coming of the Wicked Witch to MultiVersus. Although the Matrix code particle is quite a big hint for the newest addition to the roster, we’d have to wait for the official announcement still. Also, peek at that other Tweet below where the data miner updated about the addition of a heart texture.

  • Furthermore, adding Neo and other characters from The Matrix is quite a massive move for the game as the roster holds diverse characters as of now, and will clearly excite fans. Can you imagine The Matrix, Neo, fighting off Harley Quinn or Batman? It would be satisfying to see them face each other, with different abilities and powers, if the time permits and comes!
  • If The Matrix characters may come to the game, would that mean that there is a possibility for a new map location? Maybe an alternate dimension where Neo can bring his opponent to? Oh, also, Trinity can fly so maybe we can expect that to happen too! We hope we can hear from the developers or any news regarding the many speculated characters!

More leaked characters in the game

It sounds exciting to hear the possibility of Neo, along with Trinity and Morpheus’ arrival to MultiVersus. On the other hand, there are other leaks about some characters that AisulMV has data mined in the game.

  • Firstly, AisulMV tweets about an existing “Ultra Warrior Shaggy”, however, there is no idea what it is for as of this writing. They also mention a Gizmo icon that can be unlocked through Character Mystery. Look at the cute Gizmo below!
MultiVersus Gizmo
Image Courtesy of AisulMV via Twitter
  • Next are the possible voice lines of some of the characters on MultiVersus. The leaks of Cromulons, BMO, and Lady Rainicorn‘s announcer packs are posted by the data miner. Also, listen to Stripe’s gun SFX that they were able to mine as well. They also said that Stripe uses his gun and can bite too as part of its moveset.

  • Lastly, AisulMV confirms the existence of Black Adam, Gizmo, Rick, and Wicked Witch in the game’s servers in an earlier Tweet. This is probably the part where they test these characters. So far, they mention that there is no gameplay yet, just the characters themselves. As for Morty and Stripe, they might be finished testing these two and may be made available in the coming days or weeks.

That’s all we have here for MultiVersus x The Matrix!

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