The Moon Phase TikTok Trend: How It Started and Why It’s Popular

The Moon Phase TikTok Trend How It Started and Why It's Popular

The concept of soulmates has been around for centuries, with many people believing that there is someone out there who is meant to be their perfect match. However, the latest trend on TikTok has taken this idea to a whole new level, with users turning to the moon to determine whether they have found their soulmate. The TikTok Moon Phase Trend took the platform by storm, with users eagerly checking their birth dates and the phases of the moon to see if they have found their perfect match.

Whether you’re a skeptic or a believer, there’s no denying that the Moon Phase Trend has caught the attention of millions of people worldwide. With so many people using the trend to determine whether they have found their soulmate, it’s clear that the concept of love and compatibility continues to fascinate and captivate us.

The Origin of the TikTok Moon Phase

The moon has always been a symbol of mystery and romance, and it seems like TikTok users have found a way to harness its power to decode the secrets of love. The moon phase trend has taken social media by storm, and it’s easy to see why. The idea that the alignment of the moon can reveal something as personal and intimate as the strength of a relationship is both exciting and a little bit scary.


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  • Have you jumped on the Moon Phase Trend bandwagon yet? It’s impossible to trace the origin of this compatibility trend, but with its stylish new clips and sounds, it’s no wonder the trend has exploded in popularity. Whoever first believed in the moon’s power last year must be feeling pretty validated right about now.
  • In case you’re wondering if the moon can predict your romantic compatibility? The hard truth is, there’s no scientific evidence to support the idea. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun experimenting with the trend!
  • Whether you’re looking for a new aesthetic or just some cute relationship ideas, the Moon Phase Trend is a fun way to bring a little bit of the cosmos into your life.

The hype for the moon phase trend

What probably skyrocketed this to go viral is because of the fun and playful way to connect with the cosmos and those around us. Let’s just enjoy this trend for what it is, TikTokers!

  • But don’t worry, this trend isn’t just for the romantically involved – you can also compare your moon phases with your furry friends and human pals too!
TikTok Moon Phase Trend, soulmate
Image Courtesy of Moon Phases
  • Who knows, maybe the universe has been keeping secrets from you, and you’ll find out that you and your dog share a special bond under the light of a full moon.
  • But remember, the moon’s phases aren’t everything – don’t take the results too seriously. So go ahead and embrace your inner astrologer, and let’s see if the moon’s magic aligns with yours!

How to create your TikTok Moon Phase Trend

Thanks to TikTok’s latest trend, the #moonphasetrend, you can now find out if you and your significant other are truly meant to be, but if you don’t know how, then let’s keep on going. A little time-consuming, you may say, but if want to join the bandwagon, then this should be just right.

1) Download CapCut and search the moon phase template
  • The first step is to download CapCut, the editing app that is widely used for many TikTok trends. You can find it on the App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Once you have downloaded CapCut, you can find numerous templates by simply searching for ‘moon phase trend’ on the app.
Create TikTok moon phase trend, capcut
Image Courtesy of CapCut
2) Check your birth and your partner’s birth moon phase
  • The next step is to find out the moon phase during your birth and your partner’s birth. You can use the Moon Phases site to check this.
  • Simply enter your birth date and location, and the site will tell you the moon phase at that time.
3) Download the images and select them in CapCut
  • Once you know the moon phases for both you and your partner, you can download the corresponding images and select them in CapCut. The template will automatically superimpose the two images.
4) Enter your birth dates and your partner’s birth dates
  • This can be optional though since this information will be displayed on the video. So after you have selected the images, tap on “text” in the editing bar and enter your birth date and your partner’s birth date.

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5) Save the video and export it to TikTok
  • Finally, tap on “Add sound on TikTok” to save the video to your phone and export it to TikTok. You can then share your moon phase compatibility with the TikTok world using the hashtag #moonphasetrend!

So, have you checked your moon phase yet? Who knows, you might just discover that your perfect match has been right in front of you all along.

It’s like a modern-day version of palm reading, with the added mystique of the cosmos. Who wouldn’t want to believe that fate and the stars have conspired to bring them their one true love?

If you have any questions about the TikTok Moon Phase Trend, you can share them below. Until then, stay with us here at Spiel Times for more content.

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