The Polar Peak Monster Has Been Spotted Once Again In Fortnite

Season 10, here we come!

One of the various strengths of Fortnite, the battle royale of Epic Games, is the constant introduction of novelties within the island. Whether it’s weapons, objects or locations, the island of Fortnite is constantly changing. This season we were able to discover the existence of a great creature that was frozen. When it awakened, the building also disappeared with it.

Initially, it was thought that it had been destroyed by the fury of the monster, but shortly afterward it was discovered that it was not so. The castle was still intact, attached to the creature that had hidden in the ocean. Every so often it was possible to see the construction in the middle of the sea, emerge for a few moments. The monster, however, remained hidden for a long time.

Now, several players have reported that they noticed it again popping out of the water. Cattus, this is the presumed name of the monster, therefore seems to always be at sea, hidden by the water. It will probably be at the center of a unique event that will lead to other changes in the game map.

The sighting of Cattus is not new, but it confirms that something is about to happen. Season 9 will end soon but the start of Season 10 is planned for August 1st: the developers will, in fact, be granted two weeks of holidays. Tell us, what do you think of this potential new Fortnite event?


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